Real Companies & Trailers Pack v2.3

This mod replaces many of the default companies with real company names, logos, signs, train wagons and trailers.

42 Print – Vistaprint
Bitumen – Caterpillar
Bushnell Farms – Kraft Heinz
Charged – Best Buy
Chemso – Exxon Mobil
Darchelle – E & J Gallo
Eddys – 7 Eleven
Gallon Oil – Chevron
HMS – John Deere
Plaster & Sons – Beazer Homes
Rail Export – Union Pacific
SellGoods – Costco
Sunshine – Dole
Wallbert – Walmart
Home Improvement – Home Depot
Global Mills – General Mills
Darwing – Boeing
Fish Tail Foods – Pacific Seafood
Tidbit – Safeway
Haddock Shipyard – Vigor Industrial
Olthan Homes – DR Horton
Sea Horizon – Cutwater Boats
Page n Price – International Paper
Heartwood Furniture – Ashley Furniture
Deepgrove – Sierra Pacific
Coastline Mining – EP Minerals
Vitas Power – Vestas
USBB – Coors (Also vans)

Added traffic trailers
BP, Shell, BASF, Fedex, DHL, Texaco, Sunoco, Kroger, US Foods, Coca Cola, Dominos, Nestle, McDonalds, Amazon Prime, Ford, Staples, Safeway, Danone and Burger King.

Compatibility Latest Version: 1.44

Changes in v2.3
Updated for 1.44
Train container lod issue fixed



4 thoughts on “Real Companies & Trailers Pack v2.3

  1. I download, I put it in the mod folder, I activate it, but they don’t appear, I can’t see them, help v 1.44

    1. Because its not updated yet. mod desc say 1.43

      1. Nvm i didnt seen the 1.44 above lol well try to place correctly in your mod manager.

  2. Remember, they don’t work with other graphics mods activated. ;) Keep it high in your activated mods. Doesn’t have to be at the top, but close is good. I’ve run these above the map mods…. and map mods aren’t at the top of my activated mods.

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