Real Ai Emergency pack ATS 1.39

ATS Real Emergency pack with beacon and personalized sounds

please read carefully before using this mod:

– this mod is the result of 6 months of work and with extremely limited information from SCS about FMOD traffic sounds
– this mod has been the official reason for my initial ban on SCS forum, because it was a personal mod due to some files form other mods used in it
– this mod includes eventually files from GTM Emergency pack for which I give well-deserved credits although officially I did not receive a reply to my repetitive requests.

what is this mod?

– SCS Police and Emergency vehicles simply received 3 more variants, first with flares and 2nd with flares + sound, driving alongside the default vehicles. a 3rd variant is only meant to be for road events and can have flare and sound as well or just flares

-All current states are covered with specific sounds (including Colorado) and generic vehicles can also have a generic sound. all sounds uses in full advantage the FMOD improvements on sounds, including a fade in/out of the siren (badly requested in the pre-FMOD version of this mod)

– Unfortunately due to game limitations this mod had to include one modified essential file from my Real Traffic Density mod, therefore there is an unwanted dependency of my traffic mod and the Emergency pack (both .scs files must have higher priority than the traffic mod). if Real Traffic Density mod is not used, the Emergency pack will take over the density from my traffic mod, but with less density than with traffic density mod enabled. it can in theory work with another traffic density mod if Emergency pack has higher priority but functionality is not guaranteed

– for best sound experience it is recommended to use in combination with Real Ai traffic FMOD Sounds; both my mods are on Steam under this link:

– Warning: this mod will only work in ATS 1.39 and WILL NOT BE UPDATED for 1.40 and further game versions because my game is permanently locked in 1.39, truly sorry for this. my mod is locked but the def file is partially unlocked for personal edits on country spawn_ratio

if you have questions I reply here or on my Youtube channel (see attached video)

you are free to upload this mod on another websites if you keep initial credits and download links

SCS, Alin Todor, Piva, GTM Team


6 thoughts on “Real Ai Emergency pack ATS 1.39

  1. Mod working only with you “Real Traffic Density and Ratio” ?
    00:14:14.264 : [fs] Failed to open file ‘/sound/traffic/soundrefs/ford_explorer_cip.soundref’ in the read_only mode.
    00:14:14.265 : [sound] Cannot open sound configuration file /sound/traffic/soundrefs/ford_explorer_cip.soundref
    00:14:14.265 : [sound] Failed to initialize sound ‘/sound/traffic/soundrefs/ford_explorer_cip.soundref’.
    00:14:28.876 : [fs] Failed to open file ‘/sound/traffic/soundrefs/dodge_charger_2019_cip.soundref’ in the read_only mode.
    00:14:28.876 : [sound] Cannot open sound configuration file /sound/traffic/soundrefs/dodge_charger_2019_cip.soundref
    00:14:28.876 : [sound] Failed to initialize sound ‘/sound/traffic/soundrefs/dodge_charger_2019_cip.soundref’.
    00:14:33.800 : [fs] Failed to open file ‘/sound/traffic/soundrefs/ford_explorer_cip.soundref’ in the read_only mode.
    00:14:33.800 : [sound] Cannot open sound configuration file /sound/traffic/soundrefs/ford_explorer_cip.soundref
    00:14:33.800 : [sound] Failed to initialize sound ‘/sound/traffic/soundrefs/ford_explorer_cip.soundref’.

    1. these sounds are in my other Steam mod Real Ai Traffic FMOD Sounds ATS forgot to mention it ;)

  2. Mod not working without you traffic mod :(

    1. sorry to hear, normally will work without but still get partially my density from my traffic mod. if you want less traffic, just add in console g_traffic 0.6 or 0.5 and you will get about the default density but with the features for emergency vehicles

      1. Unfortunately, I am using my modification on traffic and unfortunately whatever I would not do, it is not compatible with yours. Every time I turn on both mods, the game crashes regardless of the order on the list :(

        1. I sorry then, take this mod as an addon to Real traffic density, the file included in the Emergency pack is traffic_rules_spawn.sui because I had to add different str_param in order that Ai with hookup sound found at road events won’t spawn on the roads.
          you can try my traffic density mod maybe you will even like it and if you don’t and want to keep emergency let me know and I will send to you the spawn file so you can edit it

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