Proper Traffic Colors (1.39, 1/18/21)

While SCS did a decent job with traffic vehicle colors, it seems they researched general manufacturer colors, but not the individual models. As a result, many colors are excluded, altered from their factory specification, or inaccurate to that specific vehicle. This mod aims to amend that.

This mod ensures the colors of each traffic vehicle are accurate to their real life counterpart. Research has been done into the colors offered with each model’s specific year, model, and trim, and while it certainly isn’t 100% accurate (information often varies from site to site), it should vastly improve traffic colors. The change is subtle, you may not notice it, but it’s there nonetheless, making traffic just a little more realistic.

Please let me know of any incompatible mods, bugs, or suggestions you may have. I’ll likely see them sooner if you notify me through Discord, but I’ll be addressing all reports equally. My Discord can be found here: Bc4VMxaCNe

-The Mercury Colony Park only appears in white, this may apply to other vehicles as well and I just haven’t noticed yet. I’m still not sure why this happens.

Incompatible Mods:
-None that I’m aware of. This should be compatible with all traffic packs, it only modifies vehicle .sui files. Nonetheless, I suggest you give this mod priority over all others that alter traffic in any way.

Other notes:
-Not all trucks have been altered, including all traffic semis.
-The Ford S-Max and Mercedes wagon have not been altered. The way I see it, neither of these were sold in the US, they just serve as eyesores (thankfully, I’ll have something out to fix that soon). If anyone wants me to give them accurate colors, I’d be more than happy to.
-Not all event vehicles have been given proper colors.

-SCS: Original files
-Various websites: Color data

I couldn’t care less what you do with the mod. Feel free to edit, redistribute, claim you made it, whatever you want, I really don’t care, there’s no need to credit me.



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