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Project West v1.3.2 – ( v1.6.x )

Date 2017-04-27 19:05

CORRECT VERSION – The 1.3.2 version of Project West. Project West is a project that adds new roads and rebuilds several existing ones in the states of California, Nevada and Arizona, with the primary state in focus being California. New 8-lane highways, enhanced vistas and scenery can be found in Project West.

Here is the album:

Project West for ATS

Includes, in addition to fixes of 1.2 and 1.3.1 issues;

– Town of Laytonville
– Town of Lee Vining
– Beginning of rebuilding project, U.S 395.
– I-15 Mountain Pass betweeen Primm and Barstow.
– Billboards and casino signs fresh-up on I-15 in Primm and Las Vegas.
– I-15 / I-10 Stack Interchange.
– I-5 / CA 56 / I-805 San Diego Collector/Local expressway system.
– New I-15 entrance to Las Vegas.
– Lots of fixes in Yosemite and problems in 1.2/1.1.
– U.S 93 “refreshed” between Las Vegas and Hoover Dam ( preparements for the establishment of Boulder City )
– I-40 alignment changes.
– White raised road markers.
– 1.6 Hotfix no longer neccessary.
– About a million sign corrections / replacements.
– Fixes from the 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 versions.
– A mile north of CA99/I-15 revamped.

Watch the project thread here:

Author: stoked_dude


Comments (16)

16 Responses to Project West v1.3.2 – ( v1.6.x )

  1. this guy

    is this compatible with candream and c2c and viva mexico

  2. Mciver

    Crashes my game, I’ll stay with one I have for now

    • Lance

      Witch 1 is the 1 you using bro? Because mine keeps crashing in las vegas an the truck falls through i 15…..

  3. Mick

    truck falls off the map near Primm

  4. Trump's America

    v1.3.2 THIS VERSION IS NOT UPLOADED BY stocked_dude, IT4S STOLEN FROM mods82,
    don’t touch this one and please report mods82, he stole hundret of mods and uploaded them, stolen mods, so don’t give him a chance to continue and report him.
    Ty in the name of all real modders like stocked_dude

  5. Eagle_One_69

    This mod has issues…Above, Mick said he fell off the map in Primm. I fell through it coming into Las Vegas. Don’t download this mod, it isn’t worth the hassle.

    • Stoked_dude

      That’s what you gotta expect when using several map mods. You wouldnt have any of these issues if you had a correct load order of the map mods.

  6. EZZA

    missing ground textures+collisions in kayenta


  7. Alexandre Lebrun

    Crash game nevada …

  8. human

    still dx9_context_texture.cpp(431): [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@2[email protected]: Line pitch can’t be smaller than line byte size!

  9. Stas

    Invisible wall near Barstow, in the right lane on the road i 40 in the direction of Arizona.

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