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Peterbilt Bumper Chrome + 625hp Multiplayer

Date 2016-10-16 09:29


Instructions for successful installation:

1 · Install mod My Documents / American Truck Simulator / mods
2 · Open SinglePlayer, activate the mod from “mod manager”.
3 · Buy Peterbilt dealer and keep the game.
4 · Open MultiPlayer and load the saved game.
¿Which is L-LATAM?
It is a virtual company ATS & ETS2, one of the most important in Latin America, composed of players from different South American countries.

More info: www.logisticalatinoamericana.com/

Creado por Chambi & LogisticaLatinoamericana Company


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  1. John Griffin

    Need to remove the password if you want anybody to have this if not take it off!!

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