Engine and Sound Pack for Peterbilt 579


This mod adds the following engine series to the Peterbilt 579:
Paccar MX11
Paccar MX13
Cummins ISX12
Cummins ISX15
They have realistic specs and torque curves, along with sounds by Kriechbaum.

Authors: V2obert, Wilson212, Kriechbaum


16 thoughts on “Engine and Sound Pack for Peterbilt 579

  1. Virus scanner alert on download page (Flash malware). Could you please upload it somewhere else?

    1. Disabling flash plugin in browser works as workaround. sharemods, doesn’t care what “ads” are delivered.

    2. scania_dragon

      doesn’t have a problem. Use firefox (windows) with ad-block plus and noscript. So you don’t see things that you would not see.

  2. as I can install the mod?
    I do not see the file .scs

    1. scania_dragon

      Package is wrong packed. You must unpack the zip file and based from the folders
      you must pack two new archives. So you get the right packages.

  3. no .scs mod….why?

  4. .scs files are basically .zip files… They both work

  5. Ats Gamer

    Not work in v1.3.1.1 neither v1.4.2!!

  6. Ats Gamer

    When you unzip files there´s not .scs files!! How can i install it?

  7. Ats Gamer


  8. as+I+install+the+mod

  9. where are the files .scs?

  10. as I can install the mod?
    I do not see the file .scs

  11. Deputydawg

    Rename file extension to .scs and install…. SIMPLE!

  12. Just put the zip file and activate it as scs dammit!!!

  13. I renamed the .zip file’s extension to .scs. It didn’t work. I then unzip the file and renamed the 2 .zip file’s extensions to .scs. It didn’t work either. I know it’s no rocket science, but it doesn’t fricking work.

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