Peterbilt 389 Smith Transport Skin

Smith-Transport-1 Smith-Transport-3 Smith-Transport-2

Located in the scenic mountains of Central Pennsylvania; Roaring Spring,The founder and owner of Smith Transport, Mr. Barry F. Smith, began his storied career at the age of sixteen. Mr. Smith began his own business by contracting the hauling of milk and cream from dairies in the region. At age eighteen, he began his long-haul career in trucking as an Independent Contractor.

Truck used is vipers 389…but should work on any 389 variations

Author: Fid


One thought on “Peterbilt 389 Smith Transport Skin

  1. Matt Smith

    Could you make me another variant of this mod for the stock in game Peterbilt 579. I’ve been looking for something like this and nobody has made it. And good work.

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