8 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 longhood 1.45

  1. Can not download, The file you were looking for could not be found

  2. before new link add please pack even more smaller base mod

  3. Mod still can’t be found.
    Use Sharemods. They don’t lose mods. ;)

  4. I apologize, it is on Sharemods. Yeah, I know…. get better glasses.

  5. darkrider

    can you fix the link please still no file to be found

  6. darkrider

    if your having trouble with the download button i found it on another site by the same uploader https://sharemods.com/fq0b8syfmevf/389longhood_renenate.rar.html

    1. Gabor Huszka

      What order do you need to put in the SCS files to work well?

  7. Got it. Thanks Darkrider.

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