9 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 Hard Truck 18 Wheels of Steel Skin

  1. Joshua Peterson

    Can you do the other skins from Hard Truck 18 Wheels of Steel for the other trucks?
    Kenworth W900 = Freightway
    Peterbilt 281/351 = Rusty
    Freightliner FLB (with extended sleeper cab) = Roadmaster
    Freightliner Classic XL = Brava
    Ford LN 8000 = Topolino
    Ford CLT 9000 = T1000

    1. Nice to see someone wants them. :) This is a big nostalgia I will try my best to do them! I already made a menu mod witch replaces all the sounds with ones from 18 Wos! Waiting for it to get approved and it should be up on the site!
      BTW I would love if someone uploads this mod and any other mod that I made to the steam workshop! :)

    2. Glad to see someone is interested! I will try my best to do all of them. By the way the Roadmaster is a kenworth k100

  2. very nice dude, can you do it for the w900? thanks in advance. Cheers!

  3. Wow, really nice skin, thanks for it! Pure nostalgia, I remember that sim, it was one of my first truck sims I ever played. It would be amazing if you can do some of the other skins. I’d gladly appreciate it.

  4. Joshua Peterson

    About your Pete 389 Glutton skin, the stripes went over the top of the cab but ended halfway. The stripe ended with a black and white triangle on the sleeper bit. Kinda hard to explain but hopefully you get what I mean.

    1. Thanks for the info. Be patient I will make all the skins and If there is anything for fixing I will release a bundle with all the skins fixed.

      1. Joshua Peterson

        yea if you look at the photo of the Gutton Pete, you will see that stripe that I was talking about.

      2. Joshua Peterson

        Also for the next version of the Pete 389 and Kenworth W900 Hard Truck 18 WOS skins, you should rename them “Glutton” for the Pete 389 and “FreightWay” for the Kenworth W900.

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