Peterbilt 387 Patched


Truck reworked for ATS, added all missing files.
Log is error free, truck is available in showroom, shop and company.
Some icons remake

Ch_Vitalik – exterior model.
Kirilloid22 – exterior model upgrade, exterior tuning parts, sounds, textures.
Dmitry68 – engines, transmissions.
Gosha Motor – interior model, exterior bake, tuning parts, wheels, animation.
Matgamer – Full conversion to ATS

Ch_Vitalik, Kirilloid22, Dmitry68, Gosha Motor, Matgamer


15 thoughts on “Peterbilt 387 Patched

  1. What a great mod bro! Nice work! This is my all time favourite american truck. Thank you for your work. The log is really free from any errors.
    Just one thing: the wiper animation in the exterior look is not working, any plans to fix that in the future?

  2. GameplayHD2015

    1080p 60Fps GTX980 Video:

  3. loving the truck guages are to reflective though unless that is on my end little help

  4. Great rework! You totally made my day. Love this 387, it works like a vharm. Also, thanks for including the accessoires .

  5. Player360

    Is it possible to set the 387 GB3 wheel from black to chrome please ?
    I would be very apreciated if you could do it : )

  6. Faelandaea

    I love this truck, but the log is FAR from error free. My log has a ton of errors while scrolling through the accessories and such for this thing. Most of them are “dangling pointer” errors.

    Those did not affect me driving this baby, though. It truly is a beautiful add-on, but I do have one question … who’s bright idea was it to have a forced animation that drops the sun visor to block literally the entire view of the road when you start the engine? And is there a way to disable that animation? If I can get rid of that silly animation, then this will probably be my main truck for quite a while.

  7. This truck and the Mack Superliner are killing my FPS.Very good though

  8. I liek this mod, but log is not error free. There are a lot of error.
    “00:02:01.112 : [unit] File ‘/ui/dashboard/peter_387.sii’:
    00:02:01.112 : [unit] The unit ‘1110’ of type ‘ui::text_common’ has dangling pointer (to ‘txt.peter_387.gear’) in the attribute named ‘look_template’.
    00:02:01.112 : [unit] File ‘/ui/dashboard/peter_387.sii’:
    00:02:01.112 : [unit] The unit ‘clock’ of type ‘ui::text_common’ has dangling pointer (to ‘txt.peter_387.clock’) in the attribute named ‘look_template’.
    00:02:01.112 : [unit] File ‘/ui/dashboard/peter_387.sii’:
    00:02:01.112 : [unit] The pointer to ‘txt.peter_387.gear’ looks like dangling pointer.”…etc and if i press i button game crash.

    Please fix it!

    1. Faelandaea

      Yup. Those are the errors I was getting – 28,000 lines worth of them. VERY bad. That is probably what is killing people’s FPS, also, is the game writing the log excessively to keep up with all these errors.

  9. I solved the problem. Remove all truck mods and works fine. Peterbilt 387 must be the only one truck mod.

  10. scania_dragon

    No crash, but errorfree is an other thing.
    manifest is not correct written and it’s icon is to big.
    And who should drive this truck ? the visual field is very small.
    Looks from outside really good. But it brings no fun. Sorry!

    1. scania_dragon

      Have solved my problem. The drivingseat was to far backward. No I can drive this truck without problems.

  11. scania_dragon

    After a few hours of testing this truck, I can say that it has to be reworked.
    It produces so many failures in the game, that I can’t count it with one hand.
    Sold, deactivated, and deleted! Please rework!

  12. гавно мод и кто делал его дебил

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