MAN TGX with all Cabins & Accessories


MAN TGX by SCS – ver.1

Convert to American Truck Simulator by Patrick Thamm

With all cabins and accessories.

Truck can buy on “Kenworth” Shop! (Standalone)

For errors please send a Message to Email with: “MAN TGX for ATS” to

[email protected] or in Comments.

Credits: SCS, Patrick Thamm


8 thoughts on “MAN TGX with all Cabins & Accessories

  1. Kruise Brasil

    No! No need in American simulator, to add something that may not be in reality!
    America comes to you with disgust, children…

    1. Lucas (GER)

      In ETS 2 there were American Trucks too!

    2. NO! No need for people like you crying about european trucks in a game.
      I dont understand people like you, you got nothing else to do but whine about something that doesnt even effect your gameplay?

  2. Mathias L Nielsen

    No no no just no -.-””

  3. Marcel1801

    Could you make a version of just the accessories? Like just lights and beacons like in ets2.

  4. here is ATS,is not ets 2.

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