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MAN TGX with all Cabins & Accessories

Date 2016-02-04 19:35


MAN TGX by SCS – ver.1

Convert to American Truck Simulator by Patrick Thamm

With all cabins and accessories.

Truck can buy on “Kenworth” Shop! (Standalone)

For errors please send a Message to Email with: “MAN TGX for ATS” to

[email protected] or in Comments.

Credits: SCS, Patrick Thamm


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8 Responses to MAN TGX with all Cabins & Accessories

  1. Kruise Brasil

    No! No need in American simulator, to add something that may not be in reality!
    America comes to you with disgust, children…

    • Lucas (GER)

      In ETS 2 there were American Trucks too!

    • pff

      NO! No need for people like you crying about european trucks in a game.
      I dont understand people like you, you got nothing else to do but whine about something that doesnt even effect your gameplay?

  2. Mathias L Nielsen

    No no no just no -.-””

  3. Marcel1801

    Could you make a version of just the accessories? Like just lights and beacons like in ets2.

  4. Gregoris

    here is ATS,is not ets 2.

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