Peterbilt 386 update [07.03.2016]

Peterbilt-386-1 Peterbilt-386-3 Peterbilt-386-2

– Standalone
– Peterbilt Dealer
– New Interior
– Template
– New bumper
– Smoke trube
– Beauty comes from Peterbilt 389 Modified v 1.12 for ATS, so the possible conflict

Do Not Reupload!!!

Authors: Big_Bob, rus47tam, vovangt4, Stels, dmitry68, Stas556, viper2, maxx2504


13 thoughts on “Peterbilt 386 update [07.03.2016]

  1. Looks great, anyway to change the walmart skin from green to white and blue like the real truck?

  2. Bl@ckWolf

    ATS Mods: Peterbilt 386 update [07.03.2016] (American Truck Simulator)

  3. Timothy Nicoson

    it says that the files are damaged after downloading :(

  4. Good looking and good enough for company truck. I noticed a few details from drivers seat that needs to be fixed,
    1) Drivers mirror the main mirror actually shows small mirror view, and small mirror shows view would see from main mirror.
    2) The passenger mirror, I use the small mirror mod shoiws some view from somewhere cause you see back of main mirror and part of fender and door on that side.
    Nice truck though and have Pete 389 in game so running both with no problems.

  5. There is one small problem with this truck: If you load this mod before the Peterbilt 389 v1.12, the 389 won’t have its hood mirrors in the interior because the game loads the interior from this Peterbilt 386.

    Now, if you load this truck after the Peterbilt 389 v1.12, it won’t have its hood mirrors from the interior either. So if you want to keep both trucks, decide where you want to leave out the hood mirrors to keep things correct. Otherwise it’s weird to have hood mirrors from the exterior and don’t see them from the interior.

    1. I have actually not had that problem and have hood mirrors on both and both visible from interior. Use this truck as a company truck anyway.

  6. Comrades, the conflict indicated in the description.

  7. Timothy Nicoson

    why would u want to download this i guess most of you do not know that Bigbob was a hacker in 18wos haulin he hacked truck mods edited them and called it his own work if i was you do not download his mods bad ideal

    1. kaleb33497

      why? because we want this truck. ok and we dont care what he did or didnt do in 18 wheels of steal or whatever its called,

  8. Hi!!! Do the Truck as in “MAD MAX Road Fury” Shall is much thanked!!! :)

  9. Рустам, если уж запаролил архив с материалами, то поменяй пожалуйста matы стёкол, а то вроде грузовик не плохой, но этот мелкий косяк напрягает…

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