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International Durostar

Date 2016-03-04 15:06

International-Durostar-1 International-Durostar-2 International-Durostar-3

– Standalone
– Kenworth Dealer
– Kenwort Interior
– Tested 1.1.3 Game Version

Author: Megatruck

DOWNLOAD 37 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 37 MB [Uploadfiles]

Comments (22)

22 Responses to International Durostar

  1. Russian beast


  2. QuaTTroDeSigN

    not standalone

  3. [ATS v1.1.3s] International Durostar
    Video Review Test HD: https://youtu.be/V1EUBXO_QHs

  4. International Durostar with a Kenworth Interior?……….ya’ll really need to stop uploading pieces of ####, un finished mods! #SMDH

  5. nice outside model, no own interior and too much shine on the surface, looks like an unfinished work. Thanks!

  6. RegularJohn53

    Typical POS Megatruck mod. Not standalone and comes with no interior. Great work again you scamming #######. Is there any mod that you’ve ever finished?

  7. Draken

    No custom engine sounds, no download.

  8. What a fake? What durastar ATS.scs, why not open? He is locked or broken?

  9. TruckerDJ

    its the International Durastar not durostar :P

  10. El Compa Barbudo

    Is not Standalone and use the de kenworth t680 interior…

    So bad.. :( i hope in a future it workrs standalone and with his own interior..
    But it looks so good :) thx man!


  11. what does standalone mean ? also- i cant get trucks to work..i have used the alcoa rim mod..but i can never get trucks to show in game

  12. This is essentially a Kenworth T680, with a crappy model thrown on the outside, then sold for a ridiculous price, then released for free when people start complaining. Typical megatruck pos.

  13. please fix the mirrors ,there is something in it
    and that’s irritating me , but i love this truck

  14. aaron

    pretty dumb you have to be level 18 to use it

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