Peterbilt 377

As an AMT team member, I’ve updated the truck with a few more parts and some ao_bake. Please enjoy.

-fixed broken mirrors
-added two more grill options
-2 bumper options
-8 exhaust options
-4 tank options
-gps option
-added daycab option
-all cabs ao baked
-chrome textures adjusted
-added/adjusted shadows

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5 thoughts on “Peterbilt 377

  1. gokussaiyan3

    also the 377 needs more chaise options to

  2. That’s+need+in+make+ETS2+mod

  3. With some frames it crash :(

  4. Killer of Thieves


  5. ATS Trucker

    Works good but it needs more accessories BAD, Inside & out! That’s always been the biggest problem with this Truck!! It don’t even have Beacon lights for the top of the Truck!

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