Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v 4.5.1

Removed the artifact the appearance of a purple-pink metal for all trucks?!
Taken the missing files from the base game with 100% copy
People is the last, final release of this mod!
Test on version: 1.30. [ATS] Peterbilt-Kenworth

Felipe Conbar


43 thoughts on “Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v 4.5.1

  1. Game is crashing when changing Dashboardcomputermode. Also some of the accessories are not showing up e.g. the portable navigator. Getting a lot of “[…] cant be open with read only” errors in the gamelog.
    Otherwise the truck is looking very good, I like the steering wheels and the log accessory.

    1. Memo Antonio Infante Alvarado

      Spanish bro ? Quiero tener el juego de Truck American pls :D

  2. Trucker 1

    @Felipe Conbar, WHAT HAPPEN??? The 4.4 version of the Truck worked it wasn’t perfect but at least it works! This one Crashes soon as it pops up in the Dealer lot & you start to drive it locks up!! Tried it on 3 profiles all the same LOCKS UP THE GAME!!!!

  3. And this, kids, is what happens with a mod created by amateurs. It’s useless since it’s halfway made, full of bugs and … it crashes! Congrats! Maybe your next version will be better! ;)

  4. Felipe Conbar, ask Piva thinghow to deal with all these mistakes! The truck is great!

  5. Southern Trucker

    I was excited to see what I thought was a Good Update from the 4.4 Version of this Mod to correct a few things, BIG let down & Then a Big Crash! WHY would anyone make their mod WORSE & not better? Makes NO #### sense to me!!!!!!!!!

  6. Chow says.

    Freightliner Cascadia 2018 version 4.5. Updating and changing truck
    colors. It crashes games. Please fixes a full of bugs.

  7. R & T Trucking

    WHAT! CRASHED! The 4.4 Version worked why would you update a Mod and make it worse then it was? PLEASE FIX IT TO WORK RIGHT!

  8. And this is, what happens when a moron without any knowledge of modding gets access to a keyboards. Do and release something yourself!

    1. and this is for an ##### and imbecile that you comment every time the angry download #### is the first working version of ats freightliner cascadia 2018 v4.4 and that’s all if you have knowledge of fixing damaged mods that good if it does not stop being commented on pure stupidities

  9. Felipe Conbar

    lol you guys are never satisfied. the work i made has no issues when i tested it out. how hard is it to appreciate work? kids these days rly…

    1. ATS Trucker

      Sorry but If it worked we’d be satisfied! At least the 4.4 version works!

    2. Well obviously there are issues if literally everybody says there are issues/ crashes. I havent downloaded it but i can assume none of the problems I mentioned in the 4.4 version are fixed either. You really need to go learn from another truck modder such as viper or Aredeth to get better at your work.

  10. Felipe+Conbar,do+not+be+angry!+The+boys+are+really+right!+The+truck+is+great,+but+the+game+does+not+go+with+it.+This+fashion+has+only+one+nice+thing+-+this+truck+can+be+bought+by+any+trader.+That+is+all.

  11. What ah piece of ####, over half the tunings don’t even work! #SMDH

  12. I’m just setting here using this awesome mod cascadia is my favorite. People theses days will only complain and not comment on the good things about the mod.

    1. *SITTING

    2. People are complaining because it doesn’t work at all. Hard to say anything good when it crashes the game before you can use it.

      Some people seem to be able to use it. Traditionally most haven’t though.

    3. ATS Trucker

      @Shlog4, On all the sites it’s on maybe 2 good comments! For MOST of us it DON’T WORK, HOW can you give a Good Comment on a Mod that Crashes before you can drive it! Now the 4.4 version of this Mod works good & I have stated that in other comments!

  13. Has anyone got this to Work with or without other Mods?? It just crashes on me!

  14. doesnt crash for me works fine

  15. Will you add a short 6×4 chassis option to go with the daycab?

  16. joshua braden

    love the truck hope you keep udateing the truck

    1. Felipe Conbar

      “People is the last, final release of this mod!”

      ^Read before posting comment. Kids are too ignorant to appreciate work these days, therefore i will not make anymore updates for the truck

      1. Sorry for your decision! The truck does not really work!

      2. kids are spoiled these days they want it now and perfect. We are human not robots don’t expect a mod to be perfect if you want it to be perfect do it yourself. This is a good mod if it don’t work it don’t work and that’s fine by me I’m not going to go around and act like a crazy junky cause i didn’t get my way.

        1. “Don’t expect a mod to be perfect”??? We at least expect it to WORK! Who wants a Mod that just crashes your game after you buy it???

  17. Whenever I try to go to main menu, game crashes. It would have been a good mod, but due to the game crashing it sucks. This mod has a lot of potential if the game crashing can get fixed.

    1. ATS Trucker

      @Brandon, Try the 4.4 Version it works, It’s not Perfect but it works!!

  18. and you are all a ball of assholes because of you will no longer continue to update the truck

  19. The exterior is great. But the interior deserves more love. Maybe using the original SCS interior for MB would be a good option.

  20. muito bom
    to baixando

  21. Fred Maerten

    Trash, brothers.

  22. it+does+not+work+on+the+beta+version+of+the+game+,+if+you+want+it+to+work+right+roll+your+game+back+to+the+last+stable+patch.

  23. Game crashes,

  24. Slim Jones

    Installed the mod, looks great, and no crashes. It drives nice but then again I only drove it to the end of the street. The driver bobs up and down like he’s sitting in a boat on choppy water. I’ve installed a lot of truck mods and I’ve never seen this happen before. I thought maybe it would be different on the interior view but it’s not. I’ll be uninstalling this mod and I don’t recommend it.

  25. Slim Jones

    So it turns out this mod, both kinds of Volvo trucks, and another Freightliner truck mod I had installed all conflicted with a physics mod. This is what created the “floating cab” issue I was having. I removed that mod and all truck cabs are normal again. Now the only major problem I have with your truck mod is the floating kingpin issue. Aside from that, I take back what I said before, about this mod. It’s the best 2018 Cascadia mod so far. I like the options for the truck. It drives smooth and looks good. I have experienced no game crashes whatsoever. Thanks!

  26. eduardo correa

    where is the update?

  27. When will this truck be fixed to show up in dealer 1.3.1 it is in game you just can’t buy it

  28. I think this truck is for ETS2, not ATS.

  29. Kenworth+and+Peterbilt+def+truck+dealer+sii+file+doesn’t+have+SiiNunt+{+as+a+header,+so+the+truck+wont+show+up+in+dealers.+The+crash+that+some+are+getting+can+be+caused+by+truck+mods+that+are+in+the+mod+folder,+but+not+active.+Try+clearing+the+mod+folder+totally,+start+the+game,+then+activate+the+cascadia…If+that+don’t+work,+try+sucking+mommies+right+nipple…There+might+be+some+milk+left+!

  30. Kenworth and Peterbilt def truck dealer sii file doesn’t have SiiNunt { as a header, so the truck wont show up in dealers. The crash that some are getting can be caused by truck mods that are in the mod folder, but not active. Try clearing the mod folder totally, start the game, then activate the cascadia…If that don’t work, try sucking mommies right nipple…There might be some milk left !

  31. leonardoduma

    es un juego de aventuras y muy lindo

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