Peterbilt 377 [1.28]


– Three Cabs
– Various chassis
– Various engines and transmissions
– Own interior (two variants)
– Multiples colours and metallic colours
– Various accesories: mirrors, drivers plate, cabin lights, sun visor, grill, tanks, exhaust, wheels …
– Own sound


– Compatible with v.1.28
– Add various chassis
– Add and fix transmissions
– Fix animations interiors and interior seat
– Add multiples colours
– Add icons for all accesories
– Update and fix old models
– Fixed errors and bugs
– Clean log

(Update) ETS2Reload
(ATS) AMT Team
(Haulin) Ivan
(hardtruckisthebest) Chris
(formerly bay0net) Tim
(polarexpress17) Jon
(Cascadia) Mars812, James60470, Cedric


12 thoughts on “Peterbilt 377 [1.28]

  1. Karl Albert Leschonski

    link with security issues!

    1. Deputydawg

      That’s because the link has https instead of http. Remove the s after http and it will work fine.

  2. Deputydawg

    Here’s the same link as provided in the download link WITHOUT http instead of https.

  3. Is it possible to make it fot ETS2??

  4. Worked fine for me once the https was changed to http thanks Deputydawg

  5. jorgent97


  6. HD test:

  7. doesn’t show in my mods manager, do u know why is that?

    1. forget about, i fixed it… thanks!

  8. joesmote0311
  9. To bad it doesn’t have a gps

  10. Does this work with 1.30?

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