Freightliner Century (1.28)


– One Cabin
– One chassis
– Various engines and transmissions
– Own interior
– Own sound
– Multiples colours and metallic colour
– Various accesories: mirrors, drivers plate, tanks, wheels …


– Compatible with v.1.28
– Flares fixed
– Fix animations interiors and interior seat
– Update and fix old models
– Fixed errors and bugs
– Clean log

Known Issues:

– Advanced Trailer Coupling no working (disable in Options)

Tested on the version 1.28

ETS2Reload, Vinzel, Phantom94


10 thoughts on “Freightliner Century (1.28)

    1. Serena Dior

      Ok; THERE IS, a GPS, my apologies, but that’s all it has and it’s quite poor and sad… Not put back in …

  1. Serena Dior

    One of my biggest pleasure in ATS is equipping the truck. This truck mod is so poor, not even a GPS inside… Removed !!!

  2. joshua braden

    the mod wont work

  3. ETS2Reload

    Buy in dealers Peterbilt.

  4. Had to take about 20 minutes to add customization and nodes for interior accessories. Once I did that, I became VERY VERY happy with this truck.

    If the mod author would consider sleeper options as well, this would complete the whole deal for me :) I’m good at adding nodes and accessories, but not skilled enough to do complete cabin/sleepers yet.

  5. not own sound, all engines sounds the same… its the original scs engine sound for every motor option…

  6. You should ask odd_fellow if you could use his sounds from the Argosy, they are very realistic and sound the way a Freightliner should. Other than that, good work. This game needs more Freightliners

  7. john smith

    no longer works on 1.30

    please fix

  8. plz update it to 1.32

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