Peterbilt 352-362 Project 3.139.1

The Peterbilt 352-362 Project is now updated to 1.39 and with tons of improvements and additions.

Additions include:
Addon for Kriechbaum Engine Pack 3.3
Addon for Rockeropasiempre’s POWER ENGINES pack 12.9
Addon for Sci Steering pack
Compatibility with SISL’s mega pack
Added dump, flatbed, logging, and tanker chassis from 3xx Heavy Truck Addon mod (original is required for loads and trailers)
NEW Heavy haul chassis and Wrecker
Normal mapped textures
AO bakes everywhere
Fixed crashes and improved many many things over the original
THE TRUCK IS SKINNABLE and includes skins

*Skinning template is a separate download from main truck*

Download only available on the SCS forums on MEGA and GOOGLE DRIVE

Current Version: 3.139.1

GeoffOhare, Lucasi, Frank_Peru


4 thoughts on “Peterbilt 352-362 Project 3.139.1

  1. ATS – Peterbilt 352-362 (Tuning Mod) [1.39]

  2. jtrusstruck

    hey when i download the truck mod AND the addon pack i go to my game and play. when i go near it in my mod truck dealer it crashes my game. help?

  3. Sarsippius

    I wish there was a 352H variant of this mod, so I could recreate the Super Gobot Stacks ####

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