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Freightliner Classic XL

Date 2020-12-25 11:08

Updated to v1.39x and DX11 requirments.

– Freightliner mod dealers;
– 3 cabins: 70” Mid-Roof and Raised Roof Sleepers, 84” Raised Roof Sleeper;
– 3 interiors with its variants;
– 8 chassis: 6X4, 8X4, 8X6;
– Engines sounds only work on N14 / N14 Lope idle
– Paintjob support;
– Advanced Coupling System support;
– Window animation support;
– Its own trailer cables;
– Its own tuning;
– Tires and Freightliner covers included;
– Freightliner steering wheels included;
– Smoke;
– DLC Steering Creations Pack + Steering Wheel Knobs included (updated 2020);
– DLC Cabin Accessories support (some items included);
– SiSL’s Mega Pack v3.1 support;
– SCS Horns support;
– Warning flags and front banners included;
– Small lights included;
– Presented in Trucks Gallery;
– Added to Quick Jobs.

Skin pack for the mod is provided

blacksitearea, JohnnyCash, Kreichbaum


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6 Responses to Freightliner Classic XL

  1. damir

    thanks grat mod merry kristmas

  2. danmiller04

    I’m sorry, but this is old. It says the file with v1.38, not v1.39.

  3. piet puk

    i have no engine sound, all othersounds are ok . have no sound mods installed

  4. Geddy Lee

    The engine doesn’t sound at all.

  5. Felix

    is it true it has no engine sound? in 1.39 i can’t hear the engine sound

  6. Fake mod! v1.38 (Juilly 2020). No updated.

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