Pacific Map v1.1.2

Hawaii and Palau do not have to be too far away anymore thanks to Pacific Map. You can now say "aloha" and "alii" in your American Truck Simulator with Pacific Map and enjoy Hawaii and beyond! With this Polynesian map mod, you can appreciate the beauty and realistic atmosphere and it's brought to you in Pacific Map by TerraMaps!

1.1.2 adds compatibility and bug fixes for ats 1.46

scs, terra


3 thoughts on “Pacific Map v1.1.2

  1. EziOminer

    Stop stealing mods
    Official terramaps link

    1. Владлен 22

      С головой все хорошо у тебя? Автор мода сам мог сюда выложить. Будь это краденным – ссылку удалили бы.

  2. I have the nod activated and it’s still a long way to both. Palau is really far away. ;)

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