Overweight Trailers Pack by Zetor165Maxterra v 1.0

Overweight-Wide-Trailers-3 Overweight-Wide-Trailers-2 Overweight-Wide-Trailers-1

– Tested and
– 9 various trailer’s
– Standalone
– Compatible with Jazzycat’s and many other packs

– Empty Trailer
– Rocket Part
– Large Element
– Small House
– Log Cutter
– Locomotive
– Silo
– Large tank
– Yacht

* Do not re-upload and keep original download link *

Authors: SCS, Zetor165Maxterra, Jazzycat


5 thoughts on “Overweight Trailers Pack by Zetor165Maxterra v 1.0

  1. tested and working thanks bud!

    1. SnipeStud00

      Why? Theres already refer trailers ingame…

  2. i get errors when i am pulling the house

  3. RebelCummins98

    Would love to see these updated for 1.4.2/1.5, look like great trailers!

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