8 thoughts on “Fontaine pack for ATS

  1. Johnny Rotten

    How can you get under bridges with these signs standing up, and what ropes and chains have you used to secure loads on trailers, amateur modders.

    1. Dude its a game need i say any more

  2. I like your style but bridges maybe it’s problem.

  3. hey rif…though its a game ..you want it as real as you can get it..so rif go play with your toys

    1. i was thinking more of go back to 18wos lol

    2. Hahaha ok you make a good point mate sorry if i upset you

  4. Its a game but a game base on real life so we neet trailers to fit unther need the bridges not driving through.

  5. It’s American Truck SIMULATOR. Straps are one thing, but unavoidable bridges make some loads unusable

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