27 thoughts on “Overweight Trailers Pack v 2.5

  1. On horseradish such beautiful bags do when they are not spelled out in the traffic.

  2. Installed properly, activated, 1st priority but still not showing nor in jobs neither in the available trailer showroom… I wonder why …?

    1. RedDragonMK

      I,m not curently at home to test this mod, but maybe u dont have enough xp points, or level to drive this kind of cargo yet … Just guessing … Try downloading a profile ,(savegame) just for testing, and try it out … Wish u all the best, keep the pedal 2 the metal !!!!

      1. Does not matter xp points in showroom show’s all trailers,i have tested and works perfect

  3. Me to same problem.
    maybe its because we don`t have ” all trailer packs ” ?

    1. i don’t think so, usually, mods a independent, let’s wait to see what Ghostlord will say …?

  4. DaleTarver

    Overweight? Most of these cars/trucks weigh less than 15,000 pounds. That’s not even 1/4 of what the average trailer weighs. Only a couple vehicles in this cargo would be considered heavy.

  5. #Serena #Willy1962 what other trailer mods or trailer packs are u using.

    1. Hi,
      The problem is not another trailer mod having conflict with it, I tried it on another profile with no other mod at all and it still wasn’t even showing up in the show room… :-(

  6. Fontaine_Phantom_flatbed_trailer_reworked_by_Solaris36
    Cozad Expando Lowboy by B4RT
    and some other trailers like box reefer etc
    no further oversize or flatbed mods

    as Ghostlord wrote Compatible with all trailer packs

    1. Cozad Expando Lowboy by B4RT is in conflict with this mod if u disable Cozad Expando Lowboy by B4RT mod this one works i hope it helps u

  7. thanks ionly have to choose witch mod I want the most.

    1. in my case it helps.
      Cozad Expando Lowboy by B4RT out Overweight Trailers Pack v 2.5
      and the 51 trailers are showing.

  8. H everyone,
    The problem is not another trailer mod having conflict with it, I tried it on another profile with no other mod at all and it still wasn’t even showing up in the show room… :-(

    1. Game version?

    2. Download mod again perhaps first dowload was corupted

      1. Hey Ronon, thanks for this brilliant idea, I downloaded the mod agzin and replaced it, and it works fine now, the downlaod was corrupted I guess, Thanks a lot :-)

        1. Ur welcome i have the same problem couple times but i am open mods after download to look for conflicts.Drive safely :-)

          1. So do you, thanks :-)

  9. Will try if out when I can but I am glad they took trailers out of traffic.

  10. You should review the collision on the trailer(s). On the sides it sticks 1 foot out.
    No wonder even the AI is scared of the trailer…

  11. The trailer has white marker lights on the front, not used in the USA, this is American Truck Simulator. Also, I agree with Genooyd, you really do need to take another look at the collision problem along the sides. It’s hard to pass and not wreck the car/truck you pass. There are only a few Overweight loads, a car and a pickup are not overweight loads.

  12. Ghostlord why you stole the cargos and the def’s? Please don’t upload more #### like you

  13. LordDonkey


    1. LordDonkey

      Ugh why is there “+” instead of spaces?

  14. MetalDragon

    Cool mod but problem is the on the wide loads the crash detection seems to extends about a foot or more then the trailers real width so I’m hitting stuff that’s clearly not touching and has daylight between it and the trailer.

    Also hope that in updates to come cargo get realy names other then Cargo 34, cargo 42 etc.

  15. Hola muy buen mod pero por favor agregen lo al tráfico se vería más mejor

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