FlatOut 2 Car Transporter Cargo Pack

Flat-Out-2-Car-Transporter-Cargo-Pack-2 Flat-Out-2-Car-Transporter-Cargo-Pack-3 Flat-Out-2-Car-Transporter-Cargo-Pack-1

– Tested, and
– 42 Different Cargo’s
– Standalone
– Compatible with all trailer packs, Also works with the FlatOut Cargo Pack I’ve made

* Do not re-upload and keep original download link *

Original Author: alkonavt96
Convert to ATS: Zetor165Maxterra


8 thoughts on “FlatOut 2 Car Transporter Cargo Pack

  1. Great mod! I used the previous version and gonna use this right now! THANKS!

    1. Brandon Hairston

      Hey what did he use to create this mod how do you do it

  2. You mean the previous version as in the FlatOut Pack I made?

    1. Brandon Hairston

      Hey what do you use to create this mod how do you do it

  3. This trailer pack had lots of errors in my log….had to take it out, hope you get a updated version with log errors corrected, I love the graphics and cargo!

    1. What errors are you getting? My log is clean of errors.

  4. i get 3 lines of errors but they dont effect the use of the mod and i get no crashes so basically a great mod zetor and they look slick man so thanks for sharing

  5. Errors in 1.36 game version

    No trailer or cargo in game present.
    Neither in cargo market nor in trailer browser

    Please fix this

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