13 thoughts on “Overweight Trailers Pack v 1.5

  1. Ghostlord!
    Вам, не стыдно выкладывать пакет прицепов полный грязи?
    Исправьте, прежде чем предлагать людям.
    Проверен на чистом профиле.
    You will not be ashamed to spread the packet trailer full of dirt?
    Correct before you offer people.
    Tested on a clean profile.

  2. solaris36

    The same problems as in the previous packet.
    Read reviews of other mod and fix some of it.

  3. paul lamb

    hi i downloaded this file its rar ok i put it in my mod folder but it didnt work so i then renamed the rar to scs and it still didnt work ok how do i get this to work ok please

    1. a .rar/.7z/.zip is compressed file …. very very few mod is made to be working directly in a compressed state…. .scs is archive files not compressed much…

      compressing an archive if often to help sort things out when downloading a modpack or reducing file size for the upload…

      you then need to open that original .rar files with an archivers (Winrar, 7-Zip, Winzip to name a few) and drag and drop the .scs files that reside INSIDE that compressed file to be able top properly activate it as an .scs

      Do not change extensions name blindy….it will do stricly nothing appart from confusing windows and archivers ;)

      Hope that helps

  4. Trailers are still way too big! What the hell man?

  5. – trailer is great, u gotta have skills to drive it on a narrow roads.
    – cargos are looking great

    – u got 1 junk file left inside your mod \vehicle\b4rt\trailers\us\cozad_exp_lowboy\cargos\bbbbbbbbbbbbb.z3d

  6. Trailer is way too wide, its wider than the road, this would never fly in the U.S. Narrow the trailers and it will be nice.

  7. Can you please make a version that those are not available in traffic or in reduced frequency? I really like your job.

    1. u can make edit it easily just open a mod with WINRAR and delete 2 files inside def/vehicle which start with :
      – traffic_storage_semi_trailer. (something) .sii
      – traffic_trailer_type. (something) .sii

      also u can delete all .sii files inside def/vehicle/trailer which ends with (something)_traffic.sii

      and then they wont show at all.

      1. thanks :D

  8. great mod, only issue im having is the trailer is too wide. low boy trailers dont take up the entire lane. if you could make it a little bit tighter it would be A1

  9. Brandon Hairston

    Hey what do you use to create this mod how do you do it

  10. which+companies+have+this+trailer?

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