Koegel Flatbed Pack

Koegel-Flatbed-2 Koegel-Flatbed-1

– Tested version
– 8 various trailer’s
– Standalone
– Compatible with all trailer packs

– Empty Trailer
– Ytong Concrete Blocks
– Large Tubes
– Pressure Tank
– Reservoir Tank
– Big Panels
– Trailers
– Ventilator

* Do not re-upload and keep original download link *

– Rommi TZ
– Hommers
– Stels
– Zetor165Maxterra converted ATS



9 thoughts on “Koegel Flatbed Pack

  1. thankyou for this

    1. Your Welcome. Thanks for commenting on all my mods and supporting what I do. Love your truck skins By the way ;)

  2. IS this mod working in version 1.1.3 zetor ?

    1. I’m 99% sure it will work on older versions but I use steam and there’s no way to go back to older versions but if you could test it out for me that would be great. But yes I’m very sure it should work on older versions.

  3. Modding,skinning it can take over your spare time man :) and you end up not playing the game yourself again….ive been on lvl 24 for the last 6 weeks :( so when guys like you sit down and produce the goods..its appreciated!

    1. Yes yes it can I do most of my modding at night because I’m still in high school and school so I’ll be up at like 1 o’clock modding and not even know that’s it that late :)

      1. Highschool? Mad respect dude and thanks for your work.

        1. Yeah I’m still in high school. I always find time to make mods though :)

  4. make ETS2 1.22.8s

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