Oshkosh Defense Hemtt A4 (1.31 Compatible)

The OSHKOSH DEFENSE HEMTT, or should I say tank. The Oshkosh Defense is a military truck that was fortunately brought to ATS. Sadly this truck soon became outdated and seemed to get no attention ever sense. I decided I had to go and update this truck before the 1.32 update came out that will hopefully not ruin how trucks show up in dealers.
This Mod Packs In Not Only The Truck, But I decided to throw In the military cargo pack, so that not only can you just drive around a tank, but also haul one.

To See The Installation Of This Mod, Read The README.txt when you download the file.

Kriechbaum, Jazzycat (Military Cargo), Seeker


7 thoughts on “Oshkosh Defense Hemtt A4 (1.31 Compatible)

  1. Thank you so much! I was hoping this would get updated!

  2. No problem, hope you like it

  3. Hello Seekre awesome mod thank you for this love the hemtt only truck i drive..lol dont like semis always loved military trcusk

    Couple things…The window glass on passenger side door i was alble to fix its the 2 glass files the far plane glass size is too big…so know looks correct in rain and not wierd

    Also the wipers wont work due to wipers not even touching the windshield there angled to far back model issue dont know if you can fix this but look at the truck from side with wipers on

    The front wheels and also rear wheels are sifted to left side a bit …very noticeable on back and on front with certain wheel types…other than that awesome mod works on 1.32 as well so you knew…cheers

  4. I can’t seem to get this to work on 1.32.x, all the wheels labeled offroad that worked before now have tons of road noise and some glitches where they’re below the roads surface.

  5. William C

    Crashes my game each time I attempt to get in it.

  6. The_Boss_Luis 420

    ami cada ves que aranco el motor el juego se siera solo

  7. Joshua Gwitt

    As a ex army tanker this is great for me the tank bridge lsyer is great maybe a m1a1 or a2 someday would be cool as cargo and the military tank trailer just ideas that would be awsome or even the oskosh het or military trackter just ideas thank you for what you have done so far and please keep it up there are poeple that love yur work

    thank you

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