MZKT 742910 Volat (1.31 Compatible)

The MZKT 742910 Volat is a military truck that got brought over to ATS that gave players the chance to drive and own their own personal military truck. This truck is one of the few military trucks in existence of ATS that was made and I managed to update it. With this truck you have to remember that this is a military truck and that this truck is mainly used for heavy haul loads due to the fact that with normal trailers being buggy. To sort this problem out I added Jazzycats’ military cargo pack to the download along with the truck so that you can drive a military truck with military cargo.

To See The Installation Of This Mod, Read The README.txt when you download the file.

*Notice* Normal Cargo May Be Buggy!

Jazzycat (Military Cargo) , Igor Shvagerus, Vasja555, Seeker


3 thoughts on “MZKT 742910 Volat (1.31 Compatible)

  1. Worked fine for me on a fresh new profile with only 1-2 mods along with it. It may be conflicting with some other mod so try and start a new profile and test it on there. If it works, you know its conflicting with something and you need to remove some other truck mod for it to work.

  2. pls pach 1.47

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