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Optimus Prime skin for Peterbilt 389

Date 2016-02-14 09:11


Skin mod for vipers peterbilt 389, works with all parts, opens at level 1, costs 1 dollar,



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  1. Snowy

    Funny, you are also are breaking a rule which is no advertising on other peoples mods/skins posts. :P no hard feelings just thought I should point that out

  2. Grizzly_bear23

    hey @Kent76. You are disobeying the rules of this website which is not to display your own mod on someone elses mod or comment

    • I’ve never know that rule and never seem this kind of rule in my life until now, Thanks for point it out.(I just wanna to show it to this auther and not meant to advertising it, anyway I won’t do it any more~ )

  3. mkettu31

    i dont find the truck yuo say this skin is for, pls link it

  4. m kettu31

    please edit to fit ats 1.2 and Peterbilt 389 Modified v 1.13 for ATS by Viper2

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