Peterbilt 389 Modified v 1.12 for ATS


Hi, Viper2 here, this is my new version of the Peterbilt 389 Modified Mod for ats,

Peterbilt modified 1.12
changed dealer def file
added missing small lights and icons
added selectable rivets, chrome and painted option
added white versions of aircleaner, side lights, roof lights, small lights
added red blinker round lights
added red blinker rear bumper
added paint version of 389 style headlights
added new 3D model for 379 style, and 359 rectangular style headlights
added new chrome bug and side deflectors
added new grill variants
added new engines, sounds and transmissions (thanks to kriechbaum for his work)
deactivated headlights from parklight mode
fixed the cabin suspension
fixed the lift axle
fixed the dashboard info screen
changed the gps speed limit layout
worked on my new steering wheel (still WIP)
made some performance improvements on the interior
fixed some models
bug fixes


Builder by Ivan (Haulin)
Import ATS/GTS and building : Kenworth58(2)
GTS import: Iljaxas
Parts : Ivan, Superman, Classick, Bayonett, Artic Wolf, Cedric, Peter379, Colonel, Dylan, Matt, Steve, Bora, Rowan, Sascha, Chris, maxx2504, Fabio Contier
Convert to ETS 2: “dmitry68”, “Stas556”
Sounds: Kriechbaum
Modified by : maxx2504, ED101,Kriechbaum, viper2


62 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 Modified v 1.12 for ATS

  1. support only in official scs forums thread:

    1. hello viper2 !! i love all your jobs and i’d like to know if it’s possible for you to add this awesome 379EXHD interior into your insane modified 389 ?

  2. Top class, no argue about that XD

  3. Thank you Viper! This 389 and the w900a from amt is all I use. Great work!!!

  4. That is my favorite truck for this game but the speedometer not show the right value. It is annoying me. I hope you fixed this issue in this version. I nearly fall in love to this mod but that issue is bad :( anyway amazing work!

    1. snyderracing

      does ur gear show up on dash mine does not

      1. Nope, it is not show up mine too. It is neither on ETS2 too. This truck needs some fixes…

  5. Truck Sim Mods

    Mod & Review & Dl. :

  6. Idarphoenix

    Very nice truck, very good job.

  7. Thanks for update!

  8. CTD while customizing

  9. nice truck it would be perfect if you can add back the headlights

  10. Excellent truck mod. No errors and runs fine.

    These guys update it periodically.

  11. This is very good but
    It is strange, The game has the capability, But nobody does not use interior_reflection For interior steels
    Please use,mods need this

  12. Nestor_Motta

    Jake Break work in this MOD?

  13. I am a big fan of your truck, Viper. It’s the only truck I drive. I have decided to go back to v1.11 as a result of the new Caterpillar engine sounds in v1.12. Given the amount of time a player has to listen to the sound of the motor, it’s a game breaker. The new Cat sounds are really bad. I was really impressed with the rest of the improvements. Thanks.

  14. Best peterbilt 389 on ATS thanks viper

  15. Hi,viper2. I’ve managed to make a Optimus Prime skin(1st version) for your perfect mod and it seems not so bad, you can take a look first: There are so many people care about Optimus Prime truck,you can see this:
    I’m not sure whether you’re interested in such thing but I really want you to make a more Optimus Prime Peterbilt for us!!! I’m absolutly not the only one who dream of it. So besides the skin need to be remade with more real details(I can handle this job), the beautiful truck needs some parts to be like Optimus Prime. here’s the list: 1. special cab and sleeper,it’s different from those sleeper options we can get in game/your mod now.
    2. a black wheel in cab.
    3. special blue lights on the bumper,sleeper and doors and air cleaners, blue lights on the cab, Autobots logo on its nose and wheel, sunshield, backward tank, two chrome boxes(I don’t know what they are) before the rear fenders, and a CHROME part behind the sleeper without that hole(maybe you can bring those chains back on that chrome part). here are some real Optimus truck photos.
    and…nothing more I think, if you are interested in this, please make this version of Peterbilt 389 and remove the other so many tuning options, make it a pure Optimus Prime model. If it’s done, you can upload it to the sharemods website as you know and send me the link(my email adress is [email protected]), I will try by best ever to make a Optimus skin for it, and upload it to Of course, I’ll list the authers of the models. You don’t have to worrry about that~
    BTW, Thank you so much for putting the template in to the Peterbilt 389 mod folder!
    yours, sincerely.
    (I’m not an English language people, hope you can understand all I’m talking about~)

  16. Simply amazing. Top of the line mod. All truck mods should hope to one day be at this level of greatness.

  17. QuaTTroDeSigN

    everything is good except one thing, when you put the lights inside there is a light which is quite annoying.

  18. could you guys hook up the w900 & freightliner classic with stretch chassis,sound , front & rear fenders?

  19. I have since found my sound issue to be on my end and have corrected the issue. It was either the result of a mod conflict or corrupted save. I apologize for not finding and correct this prior to my post. My biggest concern was that I wouldn’t be able to use the latest version of my favorite mod. Thanks, Viper!

  20. Just perfect! I think this makes the game even better! Really wide range of customisation, simply top factory quality!

  21. Chrome is black, can you please change it to a more realistic light silver? Don’t tell me “it’s just the lighting”… It is in fact black, i checked the dds files. And in game it looks like it’s correct but it’s not, it has a black tint.

    I managed to change most parts but i can’t figure out how to change many like fuel tanks, front bumpers,hood mirrors and generally wheels.

    Come on do us this favor,some of us want simple normal chrome.Outstanding mod btw, thank you.

  22. The engine sound stopped working for me. Not sure exactly why? Maybe a conflict with another mod? Great truck overall…I’ll go back to 1.11 until the engine sounds work for me again.

  23. OpenRoads

    Please fix the “Lean Out” camera. It just moves somewhere else in the cabin, completely ruins this truck for me…

  24. How can I install the skin I created for use with your mod

  25. crash overide

    every time i download it it installes but all i get is blocks not writing please sort out great truck

  26. bravo you know can do AMAZING mod,EXCELLENT trucks.

  27. This is poorly optimized inside the truck. The FPS goes up and down way to much. Compare inside of this truck to other mods FPS wise, then this hit the button.

  28. would like to see different deck plates besides diamond plate, maybe even add a back window on the 63 and 48 inch sleepers other than that im in love with this mod would rather drive this pete more often than the others

    1. if you search for 389 deck plate mod for ets2 it also works in ats


    Great video with good driving ENJOY!!

  30. Ryan Keller

    i love this mod but! there is so many glitches for me it keeps crashing and when you try to customize the grille it crashes my game! and when building the truck or customizing it or whatever you want to call it it crashes and turns all the letters in to some weird square code or something lol! please fix and also i have put it on every level of priority and removed every mod :-(

  31. when well there came a new update for this truck?

  32. CNDBaconWarrior

    I am having the same problem as Ryan Keller…The part descriptions are in a wierd box code and the game crashes during customization

  33. I love this truck..I have used it in both ets2 and ATS…everything about your work is great, however I was wondering if you will b updating it soon and if there is a way for it to be this awesome without eating up the framerates?…I lose just enough that it makes it hard to use in city…thanks for your work.

  34. One of the best trucks and still my favorite! Just wish there were 2 more things added to it.
    1. You are able to put the Flash beacon leds(the small module ones) on the sides and rear of the truck
    2. Had the chrome option for the headracks like in ETS


  36. it would be nice to see with work with low end pc`s to it is very well done not the low end pc`s

  37. First off love this truck, second i cant get the interior light to work,is there a switch i need to press, and third could you add more rear fenders like drop tuning ones without pre installed lights and add slots to add our own lights on front and back of them

  38. Is this being updated for the 1.2 update?

  39. andre myrie

    can you please up date it, to work on v1.2 It crashes when i click on the modified button

  40. Timothy Nicoson

    Question then if it works so great then why does this keep happening every time
    i try to edit it to make it look better in game play other then what is all ready there and here is a link to what i am talking about

  41. remove this file and work “def/truck_config_scene.sii”
    it will working no crashes

  42. Sanguinem Luna

    Day cab has the sleeper cabin modeled into it… Not legit and my only gripe with this mod aside from poor performance inside the truck. Fix the sleeper cabin so it’s not modeled in on the day cab and add a rear window and maybe try to improve performance while inside the truck and it’ll be a perfect mod. Love this truck Viper. Hopefully you’ll update this again soon with these suggested fixes along with any other possible issues that I’m not aware of.


  44. I can buy that truck from the dealer but when i go to customize it, it crashes the game.

    1. I don’t know if this will help your issue, launch the game in direct x if you haven’t already. That fixed my issue with the game crashing with modded trucks. The setting to launch in direct x is in the steam app under the game properties.

  45. Can anyone make a custom interior for this truck, I’ll send pics for the interior cause I can’t do it.

  46. when ever i put it in my folder for my mods it says something about compressed folder tools and the truck wont show up in any of my peterbilt dealerships and i dont know what to do. Is there anything you would know about that?

  47. Eddy Slowfart

    Unfortunately, Direct x didn’t work for me, it crashes every time I go into accessories at the Dealer, has anyone got any ideas ?

  48. Such a nice mod, but sadly I end up getting very, very low FPS aand it’s the only usable truck I’ve found for this game. Guess it’s time to quit ATS until I can upgrade my computer.

  49. Muzakker Mahir

    Whenever I press on the “Upgrades” part, it crashes my game.

  50. GeriatricGinger

    Viper, I doubt you ever read these, but is there a possibility of getting the template to skin your latest 389 for ATS? The standard 389 template doesn’t work for yours. :(

    Thank you,

  51. Please+fix+the+mod+every+time+I+go+to+the+upgrades+for+any+truck+the+upgrades+screen+is+black+and+crashes+if+I+go+to+accessories

  52. eduardo vitor

    Bom dia bem saúde vc bom gosta sim

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