No AI Police Patrol Cars in Traffic


Tired to see hundreds of Ai patrolling police cars in traffic?..
This small mod reduce the default Ai Police patrol cars to Zero..

“Only” the Ai police cars driving
in traffic are reduced. Not the parked or hidden ones..

This mod is perfect in combination with the awesome
“USA Police Traffic v1.1” by Solaris36 & Da Modza Mod
If you wanna see only their cars on the road…

Warning: Only works if you don’t have other police-mods with working “police.sii files in it..(comparing the default cars offcourse..)

You know how to install it..

Authors: SCS, Arthur Vince NL


5 thoughts on “No AI Police Patrol Cars in Traffic

  1. Arthur Vince

    Some backup info: If you using the awesome “USA Police Traffic v1.1” by Solaris36 & Da Modza Mod, go into the mod and find for the “police.sii” file (def/country/California & Nevada/ai ) reduce in both states the frequency to 0.0) otherwise you still see the default cars and their great looking cars together on the road..

    1. How exactly do you do that?

  2. you could just turn off road violations and traffic offences in your in game options :)

  3. Arthur Vince

    it was more the optical thing, if you also using the police-car mods from Solaris36 and Keeper, you see to much police cars on the road..the default fords and the dodge chargers..

    1. totally agree mate there are way to many police units in the game im just glad i dont have to hear them whaling at me any more :)

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