USA E.R. Traffic for ATS by Solaris36


A.I. traffic ambulances & fire-trucks with beacons, flashers & sounds.
Reduced frequency.
Thank you to Alkonavt96 for fire-truck conversion.

Enjoy it!!


Other works:

Solaris36, SCS Software, Alkonavt96


15 thoughts on “USA E.R. Traffic for ATS by Solaris36

  1. Arthur Vince

    Awesome!! thanks Solaris36 and Alkonavt96..and different ambu skins..Nice!!

    (Maybe an idea to put an SFPD Bomb Squad truck as well for the next version? (using the Ambu truck) ;-)

  2. Trucker_Bob

    THANKS GUYS! I’m very excited about this mod!

  3. Fantastic! Please make something like this for ETS2. Thanks!

  4. This is just a pet-peeve of mine, but the lights on the ambulance are incorrect. The top front outer lights should be red, and the inner should be red or white. The outer side lights should be red, and the inner should be white.

  5. Very good , but needs to reduce the volume of the siren as it is very high relative to the sounds of the game. You also need to reduce the number of parked vehicles , it is in excess.

  6. THIS IS A #### NOT A GOOD MOD……

    The Fireman Truck is TOO BRIGHT !!!!!!!!!!
    The sound of siren is TOTALLY HORRIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry, but this is useless ####…

    1. solaris36

      Don’t install. :-)

      1. XD haha Solaris.. strikes again.

      2. Aaron Short

        Hey there buddy love using this mod in ATS makes the game more realistic and for the person that said it is #### go make a mod like this so others can use it then criticize you as I havent had a problem with this yet and ive been playing for the past 3 days plus Solaris is there any chance you can convert this mod so I can use it in ETS2 as well

        1. solaris36

          Thank you for your comment.

          At the moment, the sound models system of ATS is totally different to ETS2.
          Mods with sound for ATS don’t work on ETS. Game crashes all time.
          I found a “solution” but isn’t working on ETS2 than I want.
          I hope you hunderstand me. Poor in english, hehe.
          (I think google translator is worse than I. XD)

  7. Excellent!!!

  8. Solaris 2 big words of this mod! TRUCKIN …. wait for it….. AWSOME! those random sirens.. realistic! good work. could you please do also for Police?

    1. solaris36

      I’m glad you like it. A greeting. :-)

  9. This is a great little addition to ATS

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