Coast to Coast Map


Map A.T.S new city: Phoenix, Albuquerque, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, St Louis, Indianapolis, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York, Boston

Authors: SCS, Seb Jovanie, mantrid


27 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Map

  1. Thanks! Finally someone create another cities.

  2. who is Seb Jovanie? this is Coast to Coast Map by Mantrid –

    1. I do not know that posting thoses in any case I have relationship with the creators !!!

  3. I am not the creator mod thank you to cancel service to my name ???

  4. Riipperino

    There are no palm trees in newyork , and so much emptyness makes me sad :(

  5. this map is a work in progress according to SCS forum.. its empty.. not completed.

  6. Deputydawg

    Seb Jovanie, if this isn’t your mod why are you taking credit for it instead of crediting the actual creator(s)?

  7. thanks

  8. This is Mantrids map! Get your own map!

  9. This is Mantrids map! Get you own map!

  10. how do i set my zoom level like your one ?

  11. perfect

  12. Why every map is incompatible with the rest of the map mods ?
    This (work in progress map) is incompatible with USA Offroad map. Why can’t we have them both in the game ? This is sad.

  13. Cool there are those cities but how realistic are they?

  14. wow a lot of foul language but anyhow nice little add on who cares if it isnt completed i love the 2000 miles trips etc excellent job

  15. nice map

  16. Barstow – New York 4300km+ HD

  17. Great start, keep up the great work but, where are all the Kenworth dealers???

  18. Pop Tart Mark

    Perhaps you should have read jovanie’s post disclaiming responsibility before sounding off like an adolescent howler monkey.

  19. its a great map for testing the speed of your truck as its very unfinished other than that i went through a six pack of red bull just getting to New York from Vegas :) still a fun mod until the official maps start coming …..

  20. Well finally someone took pity and add a map that resembles America. Larger and longer distance routes :) RESPECT !!!! I look forward to more such maps. I greet the author of the map.

  21. because getting a new arch file size usa

  22. will it work in v1.1.1.3

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