USA Offroad Map v0.9 v1.1.1.x By 246 Studios


246 Studios

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Uploading to other host or site is not allowed! (Only with permission)
Editing on this map mod is ONLY for personal use (Not allowed to upload your edited version)
If is see someone that does this he will be warned, and second time i see it the map won’t be uploaded anymore, update’s and news is then only available in private group on facebook!

Thanks for downloading the map.

Map Maker: Rob Viguurs. Member of 246 Studios

Changelog: New city Restwood! New company’s, new challenging roads! Improved map! lot of details and gas station, and you can start in Atlantica! (new cities and more roads are coming!) economy mod for module version only in the winrar.

Map with module = realistic time and km but not compactible with other maps.

Map with no module = no time and km realism change but compactible with other maps and you can drive on last profile.

Installation instructions:
Step 1: read this readme carefully.
Step 2: Put USA offroad map v0.9 by Rob Viguurs in your documents -> American truck simulator -> mods.
Step 3: Start the game and make NEW profile!
Step 4: Activate the mod.
Step 5: Select the game MODULE ”USA offroad road” (if you don’t select the game module the map won’t work) (The game module is located in the bodum of your screen when you select your truck and name enz…)
Step 6: Play the game.
Extra!: Activate the economy mod v0.2 it is ONLY for with module!
if you use this with NO MODULE version you will get very short delivery’s but overprice. It is only suited for MODULE version.
THE ECONOMY MOD IS OPTINAL so it is not needed to run the mod map mod.

Installation instructions NO MODULE:
Step 1: read this readme carefully.
Step 2: Put USA offroad map v0.9 by Rob Viguurs in your documents -> American truck simulator -> mods.
Step 3: Start the game.
Step 4: Activate the mod.
Step 5: play the game.

For more info, help or contact me: ”Facebook: Rob Viguurs” ”Gmail: [email protected]

Happy trucking.

246 Studios

246 Studios, map artist: Rob Viguurs.


24 thoughts on “USA Offroad Map v0.9 v1.1.1.x By 246 Studios

  1. You should connect ‘Havasu’ and ‘El_Centro’


    Ciekawa mapka ;-)

  3. Put some gas station please..once i get there, there is no gas station, and returning back to city is almost impossible

    1. Rob Viguurs

      Are you running earlyer maps? Because there are 4 gas stations In havasu, pico, atlantica and restwood. And there is nothing wrong when i tested it

      1. great..thanks for that :)

  4. Not much changes but still good :)

  5. i like the map. but i hate the twists and turns.

  6. Heey, its a verry nice map! but every f@cking time i take a drive along the dirt roads damage keeps poping up… even when i’m drivin 10 KM/H? plz fix it! its not so mutch fun to drive with a damaged truck!

    1. AnthonyCumia

      I had the same problem that you had, but if you’re using a custom truck (or one that’s too low) you can use the one of the Offroad Wheels mods from ETS 2. You can buy them at the shop. There might be some slight clipping issues, but they raise your truck high enough to complete the offroads with minimal damage.

  7. Thanks for the work.
    BTW..would you please upload files seperatly(module / no module) please?
    You’s gonna be huge as long as you update the map and i ‘d like to download only one which i want.
    cheers and keep going good works.

  8. Nice idea, Terrible in game Can’t drive on the dirt roads without taking damage even at 5mph. The extra distance is nice but not worth losing money over the damage to the trailer. First trip and i’m already over 40% damage to my truck and 30% on my trailer.

    1. Use the off-road wheel mod as posted in a few comments above, it’s for ETS2 but it works just fine in ATS.

      The big wheels raise your truck enough to minimize damage.

  9. Well all in all couldn’t make my delivery through all the terrain, Lost $23,000 in repairs and cancellation fee,

    Lets change that to 0* out of 5

  10. Love the Map. My only isue is the intersections. Trailers get highsided and its hard to get them through. If you can fix that it would be great

  11. Here is the full map-gameplay :)

  12. MrMurican

    Yuma is not even in the correct place.

  13. I would make the road noise volume a lil quiter in the cab… the trucks are well insulated and I dont think you would get as much noise in the truck as you do in the mod.

  14. diregard last comment wrong mod

  15. Why should I use a truck that I don’t want to use..I want to use my own truck I don’t need bigger wheels

  16. Carpmap when you try drive that hard turns section with trailer. Can’t get anywhere. Always get stuck in there… #### map!!!

    1. Mean ####…

  17. THIS MAP IS ONE BIG USELESS #### !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have drive it, but my truck was demolished before i can take any job on this “map”…

  18. me parece muy bien

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