New Mountain Textures v 7.0

This mod replaces textures for mountains and terrain around the map of ATS. If you like taking cool pictures and want to take a fresh look at the world of ATS, then this mod is for you! From mountains and deserts in California to Grand Canyon and red rocks in Arizona, for a more realistic and diverse look.

FYI: the screenshots for this mod have been taken without graphics mods, brightness set on 40% and Color Correction turned on. Alongside with my other mods: Enhanced Vegetation, Realistic Roads and New Mexico Mountain Textures. I really recommend you use all of the mentioned mods together for the best experience ;)

If you are using graphic mods that contain textures, please make sure to set this mod to higher priority.

New in v7.0:
– Big changes to a lot of textures. Generally, it all looks more realistic now.
– A lot of textures are made in such way that it gives an illusion of the landscape being one smooth, merging surface, rather than a bunch of different pieces.
– New better quality texture for cliffs in California and Nevada.
– Completely new textures for red rocks in Arizona.
– Several completely new, more realistic and better quality terrain textures.
– New textures for mountains that are further from the road (now split into 3 new different kinds of mountains).
– A lot of textures are “mixed” with each other for a more diverse and realistic look.
– A bunch of other texture improvements.

NOTE: I’m sorry if some of you get a little frustrated by complete replacement of some textures compared with the previous version of the mod, but the goal of this mod is to create a more realistic feel of the landscape in the game and it’s hardly achievable at once. The point of this mod is to seek for the best looking textures for environment, to make them “harmonize” with each other and that can be achieved by replacing some of the textures throughout the versions of the mod.
Thanks for understanding and enjoy! :)

In previous versions:
– All terrain textures have been replaced by brand new textures
– Textures for deserts now look more sandy and more realistic compared to the last version of the mod
– All-new textures for mountains, hills and cliffs
– New textures for sand, soil, grass and mud
– Reworked some textures from the previous version
– Replaced texture for mountain assets that are used majorly around the game world
– New texture for hills in the deserts in California (e.g. seen on highway 395, from Carson City to Los Angeles)
– New texture for hills behind the trees seen on the road from Redding to Reno
– New texture for the snow mountain on the route 5 from Redding to Hornbrook
– New texture for the cliffs of Grand Canyon in the Grand Canyon Village
– Improved some textures that were added in the previous version
– New texture for hills in the deserts of California and Nevada
– New texture for cliffs at the coast seen from afar
– Tweaked default textures for mountains seen specifically in Arizona
– Default textures for cliffs in Arizona are toned to red for a more diverse and realistic look
– New textures for hills in the deserts
– All terrain textures have been sharpened, darkened and saturated for a more realistic look
– Some terrain textures in Arizona have been toned to red to match the red rocks and cliffs
– New texture for mountain seen by the highway 10, west of Tucson, Arizona

Compatible with New Mexico DLC (and all DLC’s, really).
Works with map mods. Tested on ATS version 1.29, 1.30 and 1.31



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