Cam in GPS for ATS 1.31

The modification will add simulation of the right mirror (camera) rear view in GPS.
The camera works with all trucks that have standard built-in GPS.
To turn on the camera, press the F2 key a few times.

IMPORTANT: If you are using a mod for small rear-view mirrors, then set this mod on the camera a higher priority in order to avoid incorrect operation!

A clean game.log

Test on version: 1.31

Installation: file from the downloaded archive move to: Documents/American Truck Simulator 2/mod and connect in mod Manager.

Adaptation for 1.31: sdonbass18

Authors: Piva; Greg (Greg_92), sdonbass18


2 thoughts on “Cam in GPS for ATS 1.31

  1. Would be perfect if we could switch to GPS or Cam in GPS alternatively. Once this mod is activated, it is impossible to have the GPS again…

  2. This is a great mod…Would be perfect if we could switch to GPS or Cam in GPS alternatively ?
    Also the image is backwards, white line is on the left, should be on the right..

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