New Climate + SweetFX by axelrol


New Climate + SweetFX by axelrol

The new climate for ATS, more precise adjustment of the carry-forward fashion Weather Improvements 2.1 for ETS 2. Makes the image lighter, removing yellowness. Like all graphics modes, this mode as an amateur, but as for me, the game looks more realistic. Included SweetFX with my settings, which also changes the image (generally a little desaturated it) toward the real. I do everything on the basis of personal preferences, so everyone can look differently.

Game Version: 1.0.0s


Unzip the archive, copy [Other] Climate.scs a folder mod, plug in your profile.

Unpack the archive with SweetFX, files from ATS SweetFX folder in win_x64. The game is to use the END button to shoot screenshots – they are saved in .bmp format in the same place where the exe file (win_x64).

Respect download link!


DOWNLOAD 24 KB (Climate)
DOWNLOAD 1.1 MB (Sweet FX)

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3 thoughts on “New Climate + SweetFX by axelrol

  1. Please, write Grimes as author of original Weather Improvements 2.1. I just used his settings and ported them in ATS. I am the author only of SweetFX Settings. Thanks.

  2. TruckerBE

    I don’t get it,.. When I install this in win_64x and I place [Other]Climate in the modfolder (active) then my whole game is blurry

  3. If I try to change my graphic settings with this installed, it crashes the game.

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