New cities in Nevada and California


This mod tested on version 1.1.1s

Mod after activation adds a new city to the states of Nevada and California:

– Austin
– Battle Mountain
– Caliente
– Howthorne
– Indian Springs
– McDermitt
– Ruth
– Sparks
– Wells
– Beatty
– Madeira
– San Jose
– Red Buff
– Temecula
– Victorville

Adding other forums only with my permission.
The prohibition of changing the link to download.
Sorry for my English.

Kurkus, Telo97


10 thoughts on “New cities in Nevada and California

  1. Thank you very much, good additions

  2. So far only one problem: Hawthorne Nevada is misspelled!!

  3. McDermitt is much higher than Jackpot and Hornbrook, the State line runs through the town, but, it doesn’t according to your map!!!!!!

  4. can you make real freeways and real cities streets using google map and the map bigger in length the cities are to close to each other

  5. no sense in the new cities, if no work companies in it

  6. Though I miss lots of places in the vanilla map, I don’t really see the purpose of this mod, other than adding more clutter to the map, but neither new roads nor gameplay. What did I miss?

  7. no delivery or collection points , just added city names with no purpose . would be a good mod if it actually added content , sadly this doesnt . hopefully it will come in the future , but for now , it just clutters the vanilla map .

  8. Is the mod suppose to edit how fast the time goes in-game? I noticed that it was taking forever for the clock to move, it was like I was literally taking 20 minutes to drive 20 in-game miles.As soon as I removed the mod, the clock was back to default.
    Not sure if this was suppose to happen, because with the mod in, it will literally take me at least 4 or 5 hrs to drive 1100 miles in-game

  9. Are you planning an update to this map, since coast to coast map will not allow the cities to show up,

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