Coast to Coast Map v1.2


New Version 1.2 is released. Fixed some issues and added Charleston WV. Comments and suggestions welcome.
Tested Game Version

Mantrid, Narzew


33 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Map v1.2

  1. Thanks for this nice map.
    I drive it with pleasure , its also the only map I use.
    -comment ; the scale of the map under the M key is a little bit smaller than Original.
    can you make that the same size ?
    -suggestion ; its a long road from city to city and much longer from start to finish , is it possible to make a repair at some gas stations ?
    -suggestion ; you may make the map bigger.
    Thanks and greetings ; willy1962

  2. Secretname

    Do a long road to Montreal Canada

  3. cam I use this mod in combination with other map mods?
    ty 4 the nice work

  4. The map is good , but we need to revamp view by pressing the M cursor is too small , otherwise unqualified and continue its great work continues :)

  5. I drive only this Map Mod and for now, its the best Map Mod for ATS. I drowe Alsaka and offroad maps but..they are little ######, if truck with 19t load can 30km/h drive. or in offroad map enter to firm is like a plowed field. In CtC map we have no stupidity ideas, just drive with pleasure with our truck so far as we want, need and can. I drive twice more than 4k km…its like an adventure. Perfect!
    Sugestions – more rest areas, near Highway, Not only with Gas Station. Maybe a few narrow, ordinary roads from city to city outside the Highways…for example Philadelphia – New York or Columbus – Philadelphia. And…For now thats all…

  6. Gorminator

    Hi.Just wanted to report an invisible wall between the Sunshine Crops and the Service Station in Albuquerque.

  7. Travelguy

    Great map! To make it longuer add canada.


  8. Nice Work, Best ATS MAP!

  9. no palm trees on the map palm trees dont exist on the map they are only in cali

  10. AlvaroTrucker

    You should add Route 66 :)

  11. can you merge with the New cities in Nevada and California map please

  12. there is a invisible wall when you come out the repair shop in Albuquerque

  13. hope you have connected columbus Ohio to the road, i live there ,lol

  14. Truckersim101

    This map is the best.Great for long distance

    Sugestions: add more scenery on the higway like threes and houses.Remove palm trees on the east coast for a more realistic experience.Also you could add road to montreal in canada that goes to maritimes provinces in canada.For now thats all…

  15. there is a invisible wall at the albuquerque repair shop

  16. One bug I have found: The map zoom will not work for me!!

    1. put the map at the top of the priority list and you will see the whole map

  17. Hi, I think, it´s a good work. But with zoom fix, game crashed. game log show errors while not found cities of version 1.1

  18. Can you upload the file to zippyshare or something.

  19. RequirePants

    Very Good map i Really enjoy this :) just a question. Can you merge this map with more cities in cali and nevada? That would be Awesome

  20. czy można dodać stany Utah oregon idho kolorado wyoming itp

  21. This is a pretty neat map. But one of the reasons I temporarily uninstalled this map, is due to the lack of SCENERY…Add small scenery towns, forests, and small details along the way to Boston. I took a trip from El Centro to Boston and when I got by St Louis I was bored to death and didn’t even make it to Boston. If scenery was added, x20 more people will play this map. It doesn’t even have to be massive scenery, you can have some areas like Arizona still have plain desert ground, but have areas in the midwest with massive farming fields. And mountain scenery near Pittsburgh to give a Appalachian Mtns feel to the map. And also probably make the interstate going through NYC a bit more urban for realism? If possible, i’d also suggest adding more exits and scenery to the interstate going by the cities. I’ll also agree with Truckersim that the palm trees are certain cities must be removed for realism.

    1. And probably afterwards, you can extend to other states. Like a road from NYC to Miami.

    2. ı agree with you…

  22. Bigrigfrosty

    with the alaska map combined with this map I found that the world map can be zoomed in so you can actually tell where you are :) hope that helps anyone frustrated with the cluster of cities problem.

  23. from albaquerque service to downtown..
    cant drive center man !!!
    there is invisible wall on road..road should be opened !!!
    can you fix it ?!

  24. TruckerNate

    Thanks For The Great effort for a sweet map is there by chance you’d think about adding repair shops to the map and maybe new cities in the future

  25. Nice Map but..
    I think if you make it \add-on\ no \standalone\, It would be better.
    You can add highway to new your in Original Map.

  26. Wenn man bei der Reparaturwerkstatt in Albuquerqe nach rechts aus dem Hof fährt, steuert man auf eine unsichtbare Barriere zu und kommt nicht weiter! Musste bereits 2x meine Ladung aufgeben und mich per Schnellreise aus dem Nest herausporten!!!

  27. Truckersim101

    Sugestion:You could also add Mexico to this map. Driving from Mexico to Canada would be epic

  28. I also really enjoy this mod. The best thing I like about it is making over $30k on a single run, and it’s only the second delivery [when you’re told to pick a job]. I got over 2000 xp [4 levels] from it. There seems to be a tear [or its just me] going East into Philadelphia, on the rise I see blue sky underneath and some pieces missing off to the left. I would really, really, really appreciate roads into Canada, namely Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver [I live here]. I’ve toyed with the idea but I don’t know how to mod for ATS. 10/10.

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