NASCAR Feather Lite Trailer Pack by CustomColors


Here is a pack of 2011 NASCAR Haulers PACK V1 for The ATS FeatherLite trailer. All credits goto mod creator ‘Team 5Star’. Link must not be reposted, must stay original share mods link.

Mod Created by ‘Team 5Star’ Skins by ‘CustomColors’ Pack Built by BART Modding


22 thoughts on “NASCAR Feather Lite Trailer Pack by CustomColors

  1. Nice ! thanks man, I’m Dutch But I like NASCAR. Wish It was also famous in Holland!

    1. you are also rude after the stuff i seen you put on this website

  2. Does not work on the newest version of ats

    1. CustomColors

      Works fine on steam version. Dies not work in beta. If your not using beta the problem is on your end.

  3. Remove compatible_versions[]: "1.1.*" from the manifest file.

  4. CustomColors

    No mods work on ATS beta. Works fine on steam latest game version

  5. CustomColors

    This mod works fine on steam latest version of Sim. Any issues is on your end. This mod pack was tested for 4 days by a mod them and we had zero issues.

  6. Remove the line: front_wheel: false from the file: chrome_small.sii. def / vehicle / t_wheel
    Locate and then add the events, the two files:
    [fs] Failed to open file “/automat/c3/273209c3890b574a1d4090b2b23a5bf0d19f0d.mat” in the read_only mode
    [resource_task] Can not open ‘/automat/c3/273209c3890b574a1d4090b2b23a5bf0d19f0d.mat’
    [fs] Failed to open file “/automat/d5/ebb81a65bde263c7255445f8da05f490c357cd.mat” in the read_only mode
    [resource_task] Can not open ‘/automat/d5/ebb81a65bde263c7255445f8da05f490c357cd.mat
    The mod will work on version 1.2

  7. This mod works fine for me running with multiple trailer mods and coast to coast i have no issues and they look great so thanks for the share CustomColors…..

    1. CustomColors

      Glad to hear bud, only people having issues are using the useless beta copy of ats.

    1. CustomColors

      Get off beta, problem fixed Mr absurd.

    2. If your having issues then it could be many reasons why, try experimenting by taking out all your other mods first and see if the conflict still exits, also make sure you have a valid steam up to date issue (not beta) of the game….as i said in my previous post i hooked up to a trailer and could not see any graphical issues but that was just one trailer i admit, so i will check again tonight and i will post pictures of the trailers in -game so you can see i am not deceiving you as you put it. There are times when some mods work fine on one game and not on others so bear this in mind when accusing people of being deceitful :)

      1. CustomColors

        Thank you bud, were doing out best to make everyone happy. Clearly not everyone will be lol. Once we get a new version that support beta I’m sure they’ll be happy. Once its out of beta will look into it. Enjoy bud

        1. Sadly there are a very small few on this site that will rip your head off in a not so nice way if you upload a mod that has the slightest error or configuration issue , failing to take into account that everyone’s pc is different , everyone’s mod folder has different mods running, different versions of the game, different video card drivers, out of date software the list is endless :) if people are having issues then shouting at the modder and criticizing is counter productive and results in the modder taking his work elsewhere….everyone is entitled to suggest fixes or tweaks if the mod does not perform as it should ….i can understand losevo58 being slightly unhappy that this mod is not working for him and he is trying to get a result …..

  8. CustomColors

    This does not work on BETA!! Ok people read it over and over. This mod is released for ATS steam versions. 400 people have this and only you few got issues so sorry its on your end. Why you use beta is beyond me When there’s a perfectly fine steam version. You want a fix Mr ABSURD get off beta or fix your game.

    All other post 1.2 or whatever people add will be removed so do yourself a favor and save your time.

    Thank you to other for your kind comments happy your enjoying it.

    If you got something to say all the power to ya get me on Facebook Ricky Arbeau

    1. Hey man…I love this trailer pack..they look great I only pull your trailer in game. I appreciate your work and am wondering .. will you b making more? And matching truck skins? Also will you be up dating then to current team paint schemes and sponsors? Again I really appreciate this trailer pack. ..I hope to see more soon thanks

  9. I am having no problems but some yards are too small to pull them out of but thats SCS fault. The thing I noticed is the turn signal lights for right turn only 1 works- left turn lights 5 lights work. Is there a possibility for reverse lights to be implemented next trailer update? truck match up is great !!! Thanks

  10. Beta setups are designed as a controlled test (with no outside mods of any kind to be introduced by users). When SCS has determined that the update being run as a beta is well enough not to cause the game to CRASH then it will be released to the public as a update for the public. In the meantime if you are running a beta test update DO NOT ADD ANY MODS TO YOUR GAME OR IT WILL CRASH.

  11. Custom colors,,,,HELP…I love this trailer pack…in ave a tarted making NASCAR skins for Pete 389…and I want to make s for this trailer but cant find the template any where…please help

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