My Yards Edits v1.45

Howdy Folks! I've been making some yard for my own use for a while, but decided to make public now.

My Simple yards.. Unlike some Yards I've seen from other modders, this one I made to make it as real as possible, with lots of dirt, people walking, people talking, mechanics talking among other characteristic details(As I make more Yard I will add information here). It has workshops and a place to rest.

-Adapted for 1.45
-clean logs



7 thoughts on “My Yards Edits v1.45

  1. keep crashing my game

  2. keep crashing my game loading

  3. This awesome. Far better than the old SCS garage where there’s no room to do much of anything. A Big thumbup.

  4. Top demais mano! Curto muito! Parabéns!

  5. I didn’t realize that these don’t change garages. And actually, this is what SCS should doing been doing all along. They’d be great for storing your owned trailers. Once I hear this mod won’t crash ATS I’ll give it a try.

  6. Does not open the game, please fix the mod

  7. Crashed my ATS too.

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