Montana Expansion CDream

Montana Expansion is an addon for the Coast2Coast map mod, also requires CanaDream –
v0.1.2 –
AI traffic fix in Glendive on I94 –
fix missing company assignments –
fix roundabout errors in Great Falls –
fix water levels map wide –
fix prefab at last Glendive exit going east causing crash –
fix traffic issue at gas station in Malta –
some of the chages –

v0.1.1 –
fix Great Falls errors with rail yards –
Glendive Improvements –
Malta, Miles City, terrain fixes –
New farm north of Glendive –
most cities have city speed limits –
most 2-lanes have proper 70mph(car) and 60mph(truck) speed limit –
just some of the changes –
v0.1.0.8 –
Laid out road network for Glendive using google maps, after which, all cities will be re-built in this manner –

v0.1.0.7 –
Re-built I15 Shelby interchange –
Added custom reat area east of Wolf Point –
Added Williston, ND US hwy 2 intersection –
Added US hwy 212 from Crow Agency to Rapid City(only road)
added detail in Great Falls and other locations
v0.1.0.5 –
Butte mine near completion –
passing zones added in several locations –
various scene improvements –
v0.1.0.4 –
Fix collision issue at Great Falls Rail Yard –
Added 3 passing lanes east of Great Falls –
Scene improvements map wide –
Early update –
Terrain fix at Wolf Point Oil Storage



6 thoughts on “Montana Expansion CDream

  1. The highways 2 and 87 are interrupted in the area of ​​Interstate 15.

    1. your map load order is wrong, Great Falls isnt even showing up, and there should be no breaks in I15, do you have Montana Expansion above Canadream????

      1. Thank you. I could have come up with the idea myself. It works now.

  2. your+map+load+order+is+wrong,+Great+Falls+isnt+even+showing+up,+and+there+should+be+no+breaks+in+I15,+do+you+have+Montana+Expansion+above+Canadream????

  3. Jordan Watts

    File not found for download.

  4. @Jordan Watts, Montana Expansion is now part of Coast2Coast

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