FS19 mods

CanaDream v 2.8.13

Date 2019-07-16 09:15

Removed invisible walls in Edmonton & Houlton. Restored Prince Rupert (which was accidentally removed).

Requires C2C v2.8.1



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4 Responses to CanaDream v 2.8.13

  1. Any way to remove the hills around Miami? Need more detail in Ft Lauderdale and Key West,if possible.

  2. chris

    Yachtlover dude… read the #### post this is a canada expansion not the coast to coast Canada doesnt have Miami post same question on coast to coast .. .. anyway i have a question i dl it and placed it in the mods folder in ats but was i suppose to delete the old file.. i did it anyway , just wondering if it does

  3. Rico Titasco

    there is somthing wrong in the way near wakeeney. an invisible block on the left side. see the pics https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198309712570/screenshots/

  4. jhgwasf

    is the missing part of road fixed in between Toronto and the missing Kingston fixed?

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