Mods for Peterbilt and Kenworth

“s all for a good and cheerful mood”

Mods is changes the sound, engines and the light the headlight in trucks:
Kenworth W900 and T680
Peterbilt 389 and 579

The name list 12 of mods differing by a sound:
list #1
– ATS_Ken+Pet_S-444_v03.scs
– ATS_Ken+Pet_S-CAT_v03.scs
– ATS_Ken+Pet_S-D28_v03.scs
– ATS_Ken+Pet_S-N14_v03.scs
– ATS_Ken+Pet_S-QD9_v03.scs
list #2
– ATS_Ken+Pet_S-3406E_v01.scs
– ATS_Ken+Pet_S-C15S_v01.scs
– ATS_Ken+Pet_S-DD60_v01.scs
– ATS_Ken+Pet_S-ISX_v01.scs
– ATS_Ken+Pet_S-N14_2_v01.scs
– ATS_Ken+Pet_S-N14C_v01.scs
– ATS_Ken+Pet_S-PACCAR_v01.scs

Each mod replaces the sound of any truck engine, selected in the game, with their sound
Use one of 12 mods at a time

12 mods in the archive: 12-mod_KenPed.rar (~28mb)



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2 thoughts on “Mods for Peterbilt and Kenworth

  1. Deadmarsh

    Nice thanks !!

  2. If you’re going to use Kriechbaum’s sounds, at least credit him in your mod.

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