Mexuscan Map v 1.9.1


Coast 2 Coast v1.8 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-Mexuscan 1.9.1
other map mod
2-C2C 1.8
other no map mod

Version 1.9.1:
* Change ferry to airport
* Add newfoundland, yukon, alaska
* Fix bugs

Author: ManiaX


19 thoughts on “Mexuscan Map v 1.9.1

  1. good work, tnx.

  2. Do we have to leave the previous one activated or not ??
    It looks we lost some cities on Alaska ??

    1. I understand that this is the idea of the author for further updates. two cards are unlikely to work together. will wait for the next update, can be a real physics winter roads.

      1. Yes I thought so too. Too bad we lost 4 Alaskan cities in the process…But it’s great to have Canada, bit of Mexico And bit of Alaska, great enjoyement… :)

      2. PS: The road between Fairbanks and Nome was quite challenging already lol

        1. that’s for sure))))

  3. Do we still need the ‘connector’ mod for the two maps?

  4. if you use a standard card, then no. if you want to use MHAPro map, the patch is necessary, which can be found on the forum SCS.

  5. Good evening,
    At my San Simon is cut in half. To join the two parties, I installed: -1 Mexucan 1.9 -2 Coast to Coast 1.8 1.3 -3 MHAPro 1.3

    1. Good evening,
      At my San Simon is cut in half. To join the two parties, I installed: -1 Mexucan 1.9 -2 Coast to Coast 1.8 1. -3 MHAPro 1.3.2

      1. I have a load order of mods:
        1, Mexucan 1.9.1
        4.MHAPro map ATS 1.3.2 (part 1-5)
        no problems

  6. lots+of+broken+roads+when+I+use+MHAPro

  7. David King

    Not usng mha pro map only this and c2c 1.8. Can not get out of start city, Elko NV without falling through roads just outside of town. When look at world map lots of broken roads that do not connect to each other. previous verson is same way now when switch back even after deleting old map. Really frustrating!!

  8. Love this mod. I do have a quetion though….will you be going back and adding more cities to the states like Indiana, Ohio, etc.?

  9. I installed the two maps in the order 1-Mexuscan 1.9.1 & 2-C2C 1.8 but no see connection on the roads, I only use this mod maps and no jobs displays, anyone can give me advice?

    1. Put mexuscan above c2c in the mod manager and the connection roads will be there.

  10. Trying to go into or come out of the airport in Fairbanks the road has an invisible barrier.

  11. CTI_Transportation

    yes love the map mods and will wait i allready got some garages up there so i dont wanna mess with it keep up the gr8 work allways trucking twitch cti_ats

  12. Hi,+I+have+c2c+v1.9+will+the+mexuscan+map+download+work+with+this+one+?

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