MHAPro map 1.3.2. for ATS v.1.3


Credit: Heavy Alex

ChangeLog :

MHAPro ATS 1.3.2. (Compatible with 1.3.x Steam and higher):

1. new city Austin (NV)
– company MHA Service
– company Premiere Transport VTC
– company 42Print
– company MHA Roadwork
2. fixed visible trucks on map (lines on maps)
3. Bakersfield (CA)
– company Premiere Transport VTC
– company Ikea
– company MHA roadwork
4. new city Fallon (NV)
– company charged
– company Gallon
5. fixed some problem which I found with visibility companies¸
6. new village Walker Lake
– company Gallon
– Coastline mining
7. new Us95 road from Fallon to Tonopah (in progress)
8. new connection US376 road to Tonopah (in progress)
9. some new connection roads and new roads
10. new city -village Laytoneville (CA)
– company service_mha
– company wal_food_mkt
11. new look road US101 from Eureka to S.Rafael (CA)
12. fixed companies McDonalds and BurgerKing – curbs on parking
13. fixed some visibility company problems
14. new connection roads around Ukiah (CA)
15. connected road from Ukiah (CA) to south S.Rafael (CA)
16. Ukiah (CA)
– company Roadwork
17. Flagstaff (AZ)
– company Premiere
18. Yuma (AZ) – overlook with new parking places and trucks
19. Phoenix (AZ) – overlook with new parking places and trucks
20. Ehrenberg (AZ) – overlook with new parking places and trucks
21. Camp Werde (AZ) – overlook with new parking places and trucks
– company Burger King
– company MHA Service
22. Las Vegas
– company Roadwork
23. Kingman (AZ) – overlook with new parking places and trucks
24. Grand Canyon Village (AZ) – overlook with new parking places and trucks
25. Flagstaff (AZ) – overlook with new parking places and trucks
26. Holbrook (AZ) – overlook with new parking places and trucks
27. Page (AZ) – overlook with new parking places and trucks
28. Kayenta (AZ) – overlook with new parking places and trucks
29. Show Low (AZ) – overlook with new parking places and trucks
– company mha_constr
30. Tucson (AZ) – overlook with new parking places and trucks
– company MHA construction
31. Nogales (AZ) – overlook with new parking places and trucks
32. San Simon (AZ) – overlook with new parking places and trucks
33. Sierra Vista (AZ) – overlook with new parking places and trucks
– company McDonalds


32 thoughts on “MHAPro map 1.3.2. for ATS v.1.3

  1. no download link…

  2. Hello,
    no download link

  3. Hello.
    it’s ok, thank you

  4. there is no connection between the map C2C/mexuscan
    boot order is not working: 1.mexuscan 2.MHA 3.C2C

    1. Anonymous

      because this is a new mha version -.- So they need to make the fix again for the new version

  5. Everybody, you have to register on his site and download from his servers.

  6. The MHA Pro patch is currently in beta testing. So just be patient and it will be out.

    1. scania_dragon

      nonsense! The new version (v1.3.2 for ATS 1.3) is released


      Would be nice if Pro Mods would do something with ATS.

  7. scania_dragon

    The map MHAPRO ist now to find under A download from the download-hub is only possible with registration on alex’s site. I suppose this entry is not approved from alex.

    1. scania_dragon

      video is deleted by uploader!

  8. Dave Snow

    This Download hassle is a bunch of ####. I downloaded the files (free) and got a bunch of pop-ups when I tried to install the map. The #### thing almost hijacked my browser. My advice is to bypass this mod or risk getting your PC infected.

    1. scania_dragon

      cannot agree. Using firefox with adblock/adblock plus and noscript. Have no popups, no ads or elsewhere. All things right!

    2. Complete agree. In no way is this mod author’s work worth the amount of garbage I have to put up with to download it.

      From the Adfly link on the other page: Constant popups. Constant attempts to force bloatware.

      From their own site: A login. Then a registration. Then a link to PAY for the mod. Nope. Done. Simply not worth it. Either post it somewhere that proves you want your work to be used or you can keep it to yourself for all I care.

  9. If i were you everybody, i would just skip out on this map entirely, sure its adds some little minuscule things that are cool i suppose, but really its just someones ###### companies and attempt to quench their boredom. The download itself from the website is more than likely littered with viruses, and there are so many other maps that are compatible with each other that are just sooooo much better than this one. And i head from a little bird that HeavyAlex intends to now sell his map mod (good ####### luck with that jackass) So everybody do a HevayAlex a favor, and just skip out. Mexuscan v.19 and C2C v1.8 are much greater additions to ATS and theyre compatible with eavh other! Don’t ruin a whole save because of this ###### map and his attempt to not make it work with other mods. Terrible terrible terrible. And the five seperate downloads for something so minor to the map is just ridiculous, what a fucing waste of time and i hope I saved yours.
    oh, and if you want, check out what’s new here:

    1. I totally agree with you. I like the new truck stops but besides that the companies are garbage, to be completely honest.

  10. Trucker Steve

    Must agree with Dave Snow

    Previously it was a hassle to download 5 small parts

    Now, people have to register on yet another website first?

    No thanks, i’ll pass

    Consider that most mods for ETS 2 & ATS are just one click downloads

    1. scania_dragon

      too much wild copies of this map are circulate trough the web. Alex will know who downloads his map. I understand it very good.

  11. alex stopped bullshit

  12. I agree with steve and snow. alex stop your bullshit, if it is to have roads without decor and “cities” that look like alleys, I think it is not worth the trouble of your downloaded map! as steve says one link is enough! ! short of buisness do not?

  13. 56boneshaker

    used all attemps to sign in after signing in first details are right.need to sort this out.

  14. ALex can you pleas eput the links on this site? Makes it a lot easier. Please and Thank You.

    1. I just bought it. It’s not that much at all. MHA is a mod that I would pay for. It’s 10 times easier to download.

  15. I was ok with you steve but this makes twice that you remove my comment! weird no?

  16. 56boneshaker

    This signing in is a waste of time.tried again after more than 2 hours and it still won’t let me in .not going to bother anymore.

  17. this map have a eror, need a pach

    1. Yes, we wait for the patch

      1. So…people are now registering and paying for this, and the response is still “Wait for a patch?” Um…yep, I’m out. Other things to do and try. Not worth the hassle.

        1. do not worry, the patch is already out. everything works perfectly)))

  18. Ill pass to complicated sign in here register that pain in the #### not worth the hassle.

  19. Leone 510

    Schade, registrieren funktioniert nicht. Kommentare posten ist auch sehr schwierig…Login hier, login da, bitte geben Sie nochmal Username, email und Passwort ein, damit wir Sie auch ordentlich mit Werbung bombadieren können… Ich hätte auch gern was gespendet, aber seit 1 stunde versuche ich, die MHApro zu bekommen, TSM und ProMods war einfacher. Sehr schade diese vielfache Absicherung, das ein Laie nicht durchkommt. Ich würdige trotzdem die Arbeit, denn aus der Beschreibung sowie aus den Bildern kann man schon viel erahnen. So muß ich aber weiterhin ATS Vanilla fahren.

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