6 thoughts on “Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team Hamilton/Rosberg

  1. Nice. unrealistic but nice…I don’t need in My Sim but…some kids maybe.

  2. well F1 is in Austin at 23rd October, then u can ”steal” them :)

  3. kinda cool but as said above really really unrealistic, F1 cars and nearly every other type of race cars travel in custom box trailers.

  4. I like it, gave me some nice money for the transport :)
    and it looks good, but I was supposed to drop the trailer at a roadwork place….in the middle of nowhere, wonder what they were gonna do with it….minor changes in .sii files so no worries.

    when texas DLC is added it would be nice to get it to the raceway

    quality – very good, like it, information given seems to be from one very interested in this kind of racing, like myself. Thanks!

  5. I can’t find the trailers in the game, it says that they will load but they don’t. does anyone have a solution or place to find them. I really love this mod so please someone awnser.

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