11 thoughts on “MAN Lion Coach

  1. Bus by : Digital bus mx
    Adaption : FrekorMorales

  2. Bus by : DigitalbusMX
    Adaption: FrekorMorales

    1. Stolen by FrekorMorales

  3. this is a truck simulator not a ###### bus simulator was of time making it

    1. Too bad because SCS will one day include motorcoaches in both ETS 2 and ATS. So having these buses here are good for us diehard bus fans to try out the mods and you will see them someday in the multiplayers.

  4. luis jose

    ola profesor

  5. Es genial en

  6. si juegos on

  7. I+wass

  8. si juego

  9. hl q bueno el guego

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