Date 2017-03-13 10:36

Compatible with American Truck Simulator version 1.5.x

SCS,FRANCK_PERU, and who correspond


3 Responses to BUS STATION FOR (ATS_MAP) V.1.5.X

  1. Nicholas

    Where is the bus terminal?

  2. will

    need to update to 1.6

  3. james

    This mod is to be used on only vanilla map. I used the Volvo 9800 bus uploaded on this site. I made very successful 8 pick and drop off runs to either the mod independant bus terminals and also drop-off to motels in cities. There are some cities without terminals, but will probably be in the next mod. This mod does not use the truck pickup docks so far as I have seen during my trips. I commend the designer of this mod for using independent terminals instead of stock terminals. In my estimate approval of 7 out of 10 stars *******. Keep the upgrades coming

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