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MACsimizer Half Round

Date 2016-10-21 09:45


Works on 1.3 and 1.4,all i did was add lights and do very little tweaks enjoy! i will be releasing more mods in time

Credits: Original Model: Lukee(Lukaz), Yankee Trucker (Aaron), Bora modding : baconz1343


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    • baconz1343

      im happy you like my trailer! ill be releasing more mods all in time

    • dereke

      1. A showcase for a trailer mod and you’re using the interior camera in the entire video.
      2. The main changes of the trailer lights. And you’re using the truck at day time.

      Why majority of the youtube streamers must be sooo dumb???

      You’re a very smart guy too gameplayhd2015. lol look at that nick name. Genious!!!

  1. vipal

    what is the download link for truck and rims please

  2. vipal

    the truck which is in the third image

  3. dvaldez1533

    Sadly this trailer is too low to fit under the Phantom :(

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